Today marks the end of a long adventure.

Back in 2011, when I was part of Random Scanlations (it’s a lie! We weren’t random!), we were looking for new series to start scanlating that were available in French. My pal Articlaus spotted this series and thought it looked interesting. I thought so too so we ordered a bunch of volumes in French. Never thought it’d end up being my pet project.

After publishing the first chapter in August 2011, turns out this was also a favorite of a Korean translator at EGS (now at SCS), credited as Yongbi. Suddenly, it opened the possibility of using Korean scans instead. Good thing too, as the FR publisher did a pretty lousy job with that series. We ended up loving that series so much we spent time re-scanlating the first 12 chapters to use Korean scans instead. (Also why it’s a bad idea to use aggregators, they don’t update for revisions)

And so began the start of a journey, which Yongbi and myself managed to finally see through to the end. So make sure to thank him at Supreme Cream Scanlations as I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do this without him. Also, they publish great Gosu translations, another series by the same author and in the same universe as Yongbi but much later in the future.

Plans regarding the sequel

Finally, Yongbi and I have discussed and come to the conclusion that we will not picking up the sequel to Yongbi, Yongbi Bulpae Oejeon. Sadly, we no longer have the free time and the energy we had when we began this series and so we hope that someone else will feel inclined to scanlate it. If you’re reading this and the Yongbi sequel is something you’d like to work on, do know I’d willing to pay and scan the volumes for you if this is of any help.

But hey, at least we got Gosu that’s still going on! It even has a few cameos from Yongbi!

But for today, enjoy this 2 chapters side-story featuring Jeok Seong!

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