Hello, our dear readers. You’ll surely have noticed that we haven’t been releasing in the last few days, and you are probably wondering what’s going on. But fear not, for we are still up and running and dropping stuff as always.


Earlier this week, we received a copyright notice from webtoon publisher Daum/Kakao, which recently acquired the rights to translating some of our series. Among them were a number of our already completed series, and two ongoing ones: Happy if You Died and Welcome to Ghost City (the full list is at the end of the post).

As we strictly adhere to our copyright policies – specifically, we don’t scanlate anything that is licensed in English in some form – we have already removed all chapters of those series from the reader. The chapters we had already completed, but not yet published, were up as a special release for a few hours and are now gone.

Since both series had been scheduled to get a weekly release on a regular basis, this obviously leaves us with a large gap in our schedule (specifically, an empty void of 28 chapters that were already completed). While we aren’t going to stop releasing for a whole month to make up for it, we still need some time to reorganize. For that reason, we will only be releasing 2 or 3 chapters a week until mid November. We hope you will be understanding and put up with this unpleasant situation for the next few weeks.


On the good side, we are working hard to give more of our series stable releases, and to bring in some new titles as well. Look forward to it!

~ The EGS staff


This is the list of titles we were asked to remove by Daum/Kakao:
– A Fairytale for the Demon Lord
– Happy if you Died
– Layers
– Layers Anarchy
– Mirror Girl
– One Winter
– Pinocchio
– Wake Up Deadman
– Welcome to Ghost Cit