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TriPeace 25


TriPeace 25


TriPeace 25

And we'll finish up with the end of volume 6 of TriPeace. Includes some interesting omake~


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  1. ysnahm /

    thank you very much….

  2. the download link refers to chapter 24. XD

  3. Heavyscythe06 /

    Thanks for another great release !!

  4. That mother is just retarded man. She’s a genius scientist but can’t think of anything else to stop a collapsing mine/landslide than building the mangaequivalent to an atombomb.

    A fucking bomb.
    Fucking retarded.

    • ClaudiaEGS /

      I’m sure if you were in her place and they were threatening to kill your daughter would be able to think and make a better device WITHIN seconds to stop any catastrophe there :P

      • But she was developing that bomb before the army found her hideout. Why do you leave the army to build bombs when you know that you’re followed?
        Build a fucking transport robot to fill in the hollow mine, evacuate the town or anything else.
        She’s building a bomb to stop a landslide?
        That thing would rather cause another one with the explosion…

        • MrThiemen2 /

          She didn’t build the bomb just to stop the landslide. She was thinking of using it for that purpose, but that wasn’t the reason she build the bomb.

          • ClaudiaEGS /

            That’s right ~ Anana you missunderstood there!

      • Just that she fled from the military and build the bombs to stop a landslide. Not a working robot to fill the hollow mine or evacuate the town…she build a bomb.
        She’d rather cause a new landslide with that thing than stop one.

        And building the bomb after you promised you wouldn’t build weapons and leave the military isn’t really smart either.