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Transfer Student Storm Bringer Ch 87-92 [end]


Transfer Student Storm Bringer Ch 87-92 [end]

The conclusion to this lovely story.

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Chapter 92 [end]

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  1. Thank you very much guys!

  2. svines85 /

    Awesome!! Thanks a lot EGS!!!

  3. Good job and of course sad day beacuase it ends here :[

  4. Stuntlady /

    What a great ending! Thanks for bringing this to us EG Scans!

  5. Thank you very much for working on this series. It was very funny and good. Egscans did an outstanding job.

  6. thank you so much for your work on this project till the end!!
    liked it very much^^

  7. Lenore /

    Thank you so much for your hard work. It was very funny. I enjoyed it. :)

  8. Claret /

    WATTTTT it’s the end?! aw. thank you egscans for bringing this awesome story to us!~

  9. MangaMad /

    Another awesome one has ended :'(

    Thanks egs for giving us a chance to read it and for your hard work :D

  10. Leilaila /

    end? that’s too soon! :O

  11. I personally like Transfer Student Storm Bringer Reboot. It’s entertaining also :)

  12. undead /

    I enjoyed the series a lot. Especially Ing jong’s inner dialogues!
    Also,is Ing Jong’s son also a weakling? or is he somehow a skilled fighter?

  13. thank you very much!!

  14. Thanks.. I, really enjoyed this webtoon. Ju Ingong <3

  15. islander /

    i enjoyed reading this webtoon. thanks a lot for the fast releases.

  16. Hikarinokibuo /

    THANK YOU SO MUCH EGS~!!! I really loved the whole series…especially Injong’s inner thoughts~ Thank you for bringing this series to us~

    but what i cant believe is the ending?!~~~ OMG~~ a son?! aahaha

  17. Shadowwolfcat /

    Thank you a million times EGscans!
    This series was amazing!I loved the idea of a guy who fights with words,not with fists!The other story the artist did isn’t that good.He completely ruins Ingong’s image.Still,I love this story no matter what!Loved the ending,too!It’s one of those not so open endings that just fit!

  18. Ah! So Yunhee was a girl…what?

  19. midnight /

    man! u’r my man :))