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The God of High School 51


The God of High School 51

Don’t you love the language Saturn is using?

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  1. Peachslush17 /

    My grandpa died
    i was depress for the last two days
    THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ildreen /

      sorry to heaar about your grandpa, I hope you don’t mind a complete stranger sending you a hug :)

    • Felahi /

      i feel so sad for you i hope you recover well


    and is the karate guy reallly the true captain?? i dont think so because JINMORI obviously has more up his sleeves what with that 56 god points of his, cant wait to find out what his chaekyo is!!

  3. Rinsha /

    Thanks, great chapter. I found it kinda confusing in the beginning, though. Want more! :(

  4. Samriddha /

    Hahaha, they have no idea how much ass Jin Mori is going to be kicking! MOREEEEEEEE D: Thanks EGS!

  5. raiden /

    lol nice fight!!! thanks EGS!

  6. None /


  7. LoveyouxD /

    thx :D!!

  8. Azedenkae /

    Woot new release woot! :D

  9. Felahi /

    one of the best chapter in the series and yes i do love her language

  10. Shlee93robin /

    Hm just so you guys know, the one who can use only 70% of his Chareok is Q, using 10% for healing his injuries and 20% for keeping Mcdonald at bay. Looks like the translator made a mistake there :)

    • ClaudiaEGS /

      Thank you for pointing that out ~ its fixed. I guess it can be confusing since the korean and japanese language sometimes do not use pronouns.

      You read the release in english and the korean eh?

      That’s what I call dedication. Too bad you are only spotting mistakes and not translating. Someone who has time to read both and even spot a correction must have a lot of time in their hands. Then again you might only be dedicated in finding errors? But that is also your choice.

    • Kragash /

      Hrm, looks like you got a hint from the admit, lol

  11. wow goh is getting more and more thanks whereas noblesse’s thanks is decreasing slowly.