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TAL 196


TAL 196


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  1. Xeri /


  2. WhyteSirene /

    Finally! After what felt like centuries we got a peek of YuJin! I miss him so much! Now to see the others again…Ugh..

  3. thanks!

  4. Bubba Gisla /

    is it only me, or do others wonder if the “sister” has not aged ? at least not as the boy has. She could have been 3 years old and now 4-6 years old.. The “brother” seems to have been 5-7 and is now 13?

    Thank you Easy Going Scans “work-horses” I really like TAL and am thankful every time you add a new chapter

  5. Irrational /

    It seems TAL got removed from the weekly naver what happened?