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TAL 194


TAL 194

Signs of Aggression

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  1. Frysson /

    I’ve heard about this series a couple of months ago, but never got the time to read it. However, a few days ago I finally have the time to check this out. And now, I’ve finished reading the entire series up to this point. I just wanna thank you guys for all your hard work on translating these chapters for us readers, we really do appreciate it 😄😄😄

  2. thanks so much!

  3. WhyteSirene /

    I really miss the old crew in TAL. @~@ Like where are they besides the twins?

    • Frysson /

      Yeah, I really hope they show up soon 😅😅😅 TAL just doesn’t feel the same without them…

  4. SISTER evolved into GOLEM!
    SISTER did not evolve…