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Stravaganza – Isai no Hime v4 Ch 23


Stravaganza – Isai no Hime v4 Ch 23


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  1. Eyy its back. More to come soon?

  2. Sweet, it has returned.

  3. Thanks a lot for the new chapter! :)

  4. Kaname Fujiwara /

    An excellent manga.

  5. GirlLoveRainydays /

    new Chapter ⁉️. at last it got an updates 😣

    🎉🎉 THANK YOU

  6. Please, that this don’t be a one time a year tradition.
    This manga is good and it’s not long! Ganbatte translator!

    • If only we had one… This project needs a TLer’s love….

  7. Cassie Hack /

    This manga needs more people on it. It’s good and needs to be seen.

  8. Sayo Aisaka /

    I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but the font could do with being a couple of sizes bigger.