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Song of the Long March 059 [Dropped]


Song of the Long March 059 [Dropped]

We are dropping this project because of two reasons:
1. it was picked by someone else.
2. it was axed by the publisher so even if it was picked… there are not many chapters to do anyway ~.~

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  1. yakisoba /

    Thank you for your work on this series until now. I am actually devastated that it is being dropped – but even more so, that it got axed! Such a good and original series that deconstructed notions of patriotism… I would have liked to see it reach an un-rushed end.

  2. I don’t remember the name, but google can help with that >_<
    I hope you find it! ^^

  3. thanks for having worked on it until now!
    it has become one of my favourites! /o/