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Shana oh Yoshitsune v22 c78 – End


Shana oh Yoshitsune v22 c78 – End

This is the end of this series. We hope You have enjoyed it.
EGS won’t pick up 2nd part of it.

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  1. Thank you for working on this series; it was my first manga i began following for your works and it was always a delight to see it updated.
    Thank you for your hard work and i hope somebody gets to part 2 too.

  2. i hope this means that Gunka will be moved up on the “to do list”

    • Has nothing to do with each other, since the TLers are different.
      Gunka would be out faster if the TLer was faster.
      We can only keep hoping….

      • If the translator is this slow perhaps you should consider a new translator, just a suggestion.

      • This is just a suggestion but if the translator is going so slow perhaps you should consider assigning a new one.

        • Get me one and then I will assign a new one =T
          They don’t fall from the sky….

  3. findy37564 /

    bit sad
    thanks for your hard work

  4. Jonathan Hopkins /

    Why wont you be working on Part2? This is such a great series. It almost seemed like it was a burden for you guys to even do this first part lol.. “FINALLY done and btw we arent doing part 2” LOL.. But anyway, thanks for bringing us this great series. Is anyone picking up season 2? It looks like this first part finished in 2007, so I am guessing this series is already finished in Japan?

    • It isn’t almost- it is so… It was a burden. I wrote the reason in the chat, so I won’t write it here again >_<