With many active projects, we are always looking for more easy going folks to join our ranks. Note that Easy Going scans is a NON-profit making group, so all staff members are doing volunteer work. We do it by the fans for the fans!

Generally speaking, prior experience is not a must when applying to us, but it is certainly appreciated. All you need to do is complete a test and send it to us. However, this statement does not apply to Quality Checkers. For Quality Checkers, prior editor experience is mandatory, and applicants are required to complete all the tests for proofreaders, cleaners, and typesetters (3 in total). Visit the Recruitment Forum, or click on the links below for more specific application requirements and guidelines:

Proof Readers
Cleaners / Redrawers
Type Setters
Quality Checker

Since we have a reputation to uphold, we are only looking for trustworthy and reliable people who are willing to work with us for a long time. So if you think you are up for the job, you are most welcome to join us :)

Please note that applicants who pass the test will have to complete 3 to 5 chapters (or redraw pages for redrawers) as a trial period before becoming a full member of the staff.

Also, we would like anyone who applies to us to check their email at least once per day or be familiar with the use of Discord (or at least be willing to learn how to use it).

We’ll give a reply to anyone who emails us, whether or not they pass the test. However, applications that do not follow the stated instructions/format will not be entertained. Applications sent when the position is closed will also be ignored.