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Project Status Transparency


Project Status Transparency

We listened to your requests for more project status transparency. So the staff have worked very hard to bring you this list which will provide you daily updates on all our projects.

Easy Going Scans Project Status can be found here.

If you’re interested in knowing the status of our projects, check it out in the link above. The list is updated daily, so get your latest scanlation news here. In addition, it will list all open positions that are needed to move the project forward.

You can also find the link on the top navigation above under the Project Status link.

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  1. Thank you very much! It must have been a pain to put all that data together.

  2. Theodore /

    Yeah, great Idea! Really appreciate it!

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. UnlimitedSky /

    Out of curiosity… how come some projects have all their staff listed and yet the releases are delayed by months/year while some others with missing staff on key positions like translators are not “stalled”?

    • have you thought about, that it might just be RECENTLY staffed? :) or RECENTLY lack of staff?

      • Azedenkae /

        I think it’s more of, some are staffed but is just taking longer than they’d want.I’m sure some of them are just recently staffed, but there probably would be some that is taking longer, just because it may be harder to translate or something of the sorts.

      • UnlimitedSky /

        Well, that would make sense, given that this is the first status update and we had known nothing before it

    • Well not everyone has free time you know :/

      • UnlimitedSky /

        Ehmm… I doubt free time has much to do IF a project has been stalled for months while staffed

  5. Really helpful! Thanks so much EGS!

  6. Azedenkae /

    Thanks guys! Great to see something like this.

    Love how Noblesse have a giant ‘ALWAYS’ written across it tho. XD

  7. daily…

    Weekly would be great. Wouldn’t daily make too much extra work for you guys..?

    • I agree we greatly appreciate the transparency but we don’t want to become a burden. I like to believe the crowd here at EGS are a little more mature. We can wait a week or so without complaining and yelling like “three year olds”. :)


  8. Thank you so much for the professionalism you guys show on a daily basis. I think that aspect get lost far to often on the internet! This is why I feel comfortable donating to you guys!


  9. just checked, it is just the data input of chapter extras not computing.

  10. Thank you, it’s really awesome that you did this.

  11. thanks! It’s really amazing to see how much work EGS is doing!

  12. thanx a lot :)

  13. Thank you, I must say with all the hard work to do, you guys will do this also to satisfy us leechers. You guys have now been elevated to Saint status….. :)

  14. wow thats awesome!

  15. I am amazed at how many projects you are working on! Thanks for ALL the hard work.

  16. was wondering about sword of the emperor you going on where mangacow stopped :)?

  17. Heyy I have a suggestion for egs why dont you publish a manga..which is a japanese/chinese/tutorial…or a kind of magazine which will explain in detail steps of TS/Translation/Cleaning/scanning/usage of software…may be that way you guys will get more staff.

  18. poepielik /

    I see usogui is on hiatus, it actually has alot of raws out. Is its dropped by egscans?

    • FathomEGS /

      If you see the list, you will notice the big NEED for TL on that project. That is the reason it’s on hiatus.

  19. elleesttrois /

    Could you add a legend to the spread sheet detailing the abbreviations for scanlating noobs like me?