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Piano No Mori v26 ch 240


Piano No Mori v26 ch 240


Here you are, at long last. One more to go!!!

Special shoutout to choiboy84, who I all but forced into translating the last two chapters in my place because I’m dying.

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  1. ToadyEG /

    Don’t die, kusi~

    Also, thanks!

  2. BeckisAlive /

    Awesome chapter…

  3. RippleAnt /

    You the best!!!

    Also… 2 papers.. get on that shit.

  4. Epistasthai /

    Thank you so much!

  5. we captured shibuya san and interrogated him :D

  6. Amaspa /

    thank you for this!!!!! I can’t believe it’s nearly over *goes to the corner to cry*
    and your last page is hilarious as always