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Piano No Mori v26 ch 237


Piano No Mori v26 ch 237

Rivals for Life

Sorry for the delays… Final year in college is not fun ;_; I hate to do this ’cause we’re so close to finishing this thing, but this project will have to become a bi-weekly release from now on because I simply can’t deliver the script on time every week while keeping up with my school work, plus the chapters are getting longer. So please be patient as you’ve always been. We’ll get there eventually ^^

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  1. I feel you and I am deeply gratetful for your great hardwork. Thank you

  2. Many thanks for this chapter!

    And good luck to you with your studies! We’ll wait :D

  3. Totally understand.
    Thank you for continuing to release these and good luck in your final year!

  4. Thank you for all your work on this amazing story!!!
    Take the time you need, we will be waiting!
    gosh this chapter…. my Ajino feels *sniff