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Piano No Mori v25 ch 231


Piano No Mori v25 ch 231

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Y’all better be weeping at our feet in gratefulness. The P Team got the chapter done in 24 hours they’re incredible (yeah guess which trash only got around to translating it yesterday).

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  1. BeckisAlive /

    I could barely breath while reading…
    Thanks EGS!!

  2. Thanks a lot for the amazing work! I am addicted to this series and the chap just made my day. ;)
    Good luck with your exams!

  3. PH人NイムM /

    damn such a good development. Too bad The drama was foreshadowed so long ago and is just waiting at the door…

  4. Thanks so much for the new chapter. Hope your exams goes well.

  5. MagicDude /


  6. Abel Cabezon /

    Thank you so much for giving us non Japanese speaking losers a chance to enjoy such a great piece of art!!

  7. Salma Sabry /

    You guys can go ahead and translate everything else like that last page now. :’D
    And thanks for that super fast release!

  8. KlavierKunst /

    T_Tears of joy, awe and gratitude! Thank you all!

  9. RippleAnt /

    There’s a bug… I can’t press “Thanks!” a 1000 times and get it to 1147 thanks.. Hmmm..

  10. mrpixar /

    will ch 232 get to’s the Climax!

  11. Thanks! I feel it will be great if you guys can release the last 10 chapters together, even if you guys take a moment longer.