• Tensei Shichattayo Iya Gomen 2 +[DROP]

    It is unfortunate but we will be dropping this project as the original scanlation team that was working on it has released new chapters. Rather than 2 teams working on the same project we [...]

  • Haken no Kouki Altina v4 ch22

    Only one chapter left!! Who's excited to see the ending? More Downloads and Discussion: Here Read Online     Download

  • Wuchang Gui [Start]

    Foreword Today we come to you with another brand new project! This one is a fantasy/action Chinese manhua. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did~ Description Zu Huaixuan, a [...]

  • Dear Only You Don’t Know 094

    Another chapter yay! I wish these two end up together in the end xD RAWs: Here Want to talk about it? Discuss it here. Downloads available via IRC only. Read Online [...]

  • A Thousand Years Ninetails 116

    Enjoy another chapter~ Look forward to more soon^^ Downloads are available from XDCC Raws: Here Read Online

  • Amatsuki v19 Ch 122

    The sound of dripping water: a legend on death by autosuggestion Supposedly, if a blindfolded person is slightly scratched, then put under the impression of bleeding (by hearing the sound of dripping water, for [...]

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