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Glossary of Purple River

Purple River Glossary


The World of Western River:

Races: Majority of the population in the World of Western River were made up by two major and several minor races. The two major races are: Humans and Demons. The majority of the minor races lived in the Far Eastern Region, their races include: Half-beasts, Serpents Dwarfs, Dragonkin, Goblins and more. Demon Royalties are similar to Humans in appearance, except their unique blue eyes.

Powers: There are no Magic spells in the world of Western River, however many Martial-Art techniques do exist. Some could make you all powerful, and some could extend your natural longevity. Demons are natural born fighters, capable of incredibly Martial Feats. However, Martial Art does not play a major role in this story.

Technology: The World of Western River takes place mostly in the Iron Age. Its main weapons of war being warhorses, iron-made weaponry, catapults, arrows and some new machines of war invented later in the story.

Society: The societies in the World of Western River are mostly of Militaristic or Monarchistic nature.  Businesses and Trading are highly developed amongst the Human societies while almost non-existent in Demon’s or the Far Eastern Regions.

Politics: Human societies have mostly adopted some early-form of Aristocracy, with the Head of the House and a council of elders sharing the power. Most of the Far Eastern Region and Demon controlled regions were still using some form of slavery based governing system. Notable exception: House of Liu Feng.





  • ZiChuan Xiu – Birth name Lin He. The adopted son of the ZiChuan Yuan Xing. One of the three young heroes of House ZiChuan.
  • Liu Feng Shuang – Princess of House Liu Feng, her beauty and wisdom was only matched by her martial prowess. The Army of Cross under her command was one of the most deadly unit on the continent. She was also known as the First General of the Continent.
  • Di Lin – One of the three young heroes of House ZiChuan. Cruel and cold-hearted, but kind and caring towards his wife, son, ZiChuan Xiu and Stirling.
  • Stirling – One of the three young heroes of House ZiChuan. Also known as the Tiger of ZiChuan. He is the most loyal servant of the House.
  • ZiChuan Ning – Heir to the seat of House ZiChuan. She grew up with ZiChuan Xiu.
  • ZiChuan Yuan Xing – Former Headmaster of the House. He was killed by Liu Feng Xi Shan during the attack on the Capital.
  • ZiChuan Shen Xing – Headmaster of House ZiChuan, ZiChuan Ning’s uncle. A cunning and conniving man.
  • Duke Zuo Jia – Rumored to be the most powerful Human alive. One of the founders of House Lin.
  • Lin Feng – Admiral of the old Empire, the last one of its kind.
  • Lin Xiu Jia – Di Lin’s wife.
  • Li Qing – Stirling’s fiancé.
  • Yang Ming Hua – The Supreme Commander of House ZiChuan.
  • Luo Ming Hai – The Chief of Staff of House ZiChuan, later becomes the Supreme Commander.
  • Pi Gu – The Imperial Guard Commander.
  • Fang Jing – The Black Banner Army Commander.
  • Ming Hui – The Border Army Commander.
  • Ge Ying Xing – The Far Eastern Army Commander.
  • Ge Shang – Chief of Civil Affairs, handling the logistics for House ZiChuan.
  • Bai Chuan – An agent of Yang Ming Hua. She was supposed to spy on ZiChuan Xiu, but was later turned by ZiChuan Xiu.
  • Luo Jie – An officer under the command of ZiChuan Xiu.
  • Chang Chuan – An officer under the commander of ZiChuan Xiu.


  • Yun Jian Xue – A Demon royalty, and general.
  • Ka Dan – Demon God King’s youngest daughter.
  • Karter – Demon God King, the most powerful being in the story.
  • Ka Lan – Demon God King’s second son.
  • Hei Sha – A mysterious creature.


Faction Background:

Empire of Light: Also known as the Empire of the Golden Pansy Flower. Naturally, the Golden Pansy Flower was used as their national symbol. The Empire existed two-hundred years before the story took place. The Empire collapsed under the Demon Invasion, but the main reason for its demise was caused by the warlords, who held the majority of Empire’s armed forces, refused to help when the Empire was in peril. As a result, the Empire’s Royal Army was defeated by the Demons, and the Empire fell apart.

House ZiChuan: Founded in Imperial Calendar, Year 553 by the Empire’s former Garrison Commander of the South-Western Regions – ZiChuan Yun. The Capital, Jia Shan Stronghold was later renamed to Di Du. ZiChuan Yun and his forces – the South-Western Army was the first armed forces to declare independence from the Empire. After two hundred years of struggle, it now represents the biggest military might amongst all the Human Factions. Its territory once consisted of twenty-three provinces from the Far Eastern Region, and their reign over the region had lasted over hundred years.

House Liu Feng: Founded in Imperial Calendar, Year 553 by the former Guardian of Empire’s Capital – Liu Feng Jun. The old capital of the Empire was later renamed to Yuan Jing. It was also the only faction who attempted to destroy the House of Lin.

House of Lin: Founded by the princess of the old Empire – Lin Feng Xi. Its capital is located in He Qiu. Its territory consisted of the six provinces in the South and another five provinces gained after defeating House Liu Feng in battle.

Demon Empire: An empire with a long history, and even more powerful army. Its Capital is located in the Demon God Fortress. Its governing system depends entirely on who wins the war of succession. In the beginning of the story, Demon Empire is ruled by the Golden Tribe, and the name of its Emperor is Karter.


Faction Geography:

House ZiChuan: Occupies the Central-Western Region of the continent. Its Capital is located at Di Du.

House Liu Feng: Occupies the Western Region of the continent. Its Capital is located at Yuan Jing.

House Lin: Occupies the South-Western Region of the continent. Its Capital is located at He Qiu.

The Far East: Occupies the Center Region of the continent. It is a highest contested region.

Demons Empire: Occupies the Central-Eastern Region of the continent: Its Capital is located at the Demon God Fortress.

Wildlings: Occupies the Eastern edge of the continent, a place of mystery.



Military System:


House ZiChuan

  • House ZiChuan is ruled by the Headmaster and the Council of Elders. The Headmaster is responsible for all daily affairs while the Council of Elders has the power to elect a new Headmaster.
  • Four departments answer directly to the Headmaster, the High Command, Military Office, Administrative Office and the Ministry of Supervision. The High Command has the highest governing body of the House. It consists of one Supreme Commander and six Commanders. The Military Office is in charge of all things military, its highest ranking officer is the Chief of Military Affairs (Rank equal of a Commander); The Administrative Office is in charge of all logistic and administrative affair, its highest ranking officer is the Chief of Civil Affairs (Rank equal of a Commander); The Ministry of Supervision is in charge of intelligence and is the juridical body within the army, its highest ranking officer is the Inspector General (rank equal of a commander).
  • Every servants of House ZiChuan has a respective rank in the army, from top to bottom: Supreme Commander, Commander, Deputy Commander, Red Banner Master, (equals the rank of Governor in Civil terms) Banner Master, Deputy Banner Master, Red Bannerman, Bannerman, Banner warrior.

House Liu Feng

  • House Liu Feng is ruled by the Headmaster and him alone. They still use the same military ranking system of the old empire. From top to bottom: Field Marshal, General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Colonel, Lieutenant colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant.

House Lin

  • House Lin is ruled by the Headmaster and the Council of Elders, its ranking system is that of the old Empire, same as House Liu Feng. However its army regulations are far stricter.

Demon Empire

  • Demons are ruled by the Chieftain of the Golden Tribe, the Demon God King. It has its own Military Ranking system. From top to bottom: Army Commander, Second Army Commander, Regiment Commander, Battalion Commander.


Special Forces:

Xiu’s Company – ZiChuan Xiu’s personal armed forces. Its members were initially drafted from the south-eastern provinces of House ZiChuan (Newly acquired provinces), and they are mostly thieves and beggars. It would later become the most effective fighting force on the continent.

The Iron Legion – Di Lin’s personal armed forces. They are extremely loyal (their loyalty is only to Di Lin) A well accomplished unit. They earned their name through many successful campaigns against the Demons.

Central Army Death Squad – The most elite unit of the Central Army. During the major campaign in the Far East, they fought fearlessly against a million demons, proofing their valour with their blood.

The Army of Cross – The pride of House Liu Feng. Under the command of Liu Feng Xi Shan, they once fought their way to Di Du. Currently, they serve under the most famous general on the continent – Liu Feng Shuang.

The Guard Brigade – Rumored to be the most powerful armed forces on the continent. They rain destruction down upon wherever the Demon Gods King appears. They are mostly consisted of Armored Beasts.

Longbow Legion – House Lin’s Royal Army, also called the invincible Longbow army. A special force created by the wealthiest family on the continent – House Lin.

One-o-One Special Force – Created from a secret test lab, House ZiChuan’s cutting edge creation. It was initially a regiment, which later was expanded to a battalion.

Constable Cavalry – Also known as the Black Knight, one the most elite cavalry forces and answers directly to Di Lin. (It carries the black skeleton banners)


Event Time line:

335 – The 11th Emperor of Empire of Light founded the Sha Jia Stronghold (Later renamed to Di Du).

553 – Empire of Light was defeated by the Demon Army. It’s last Emperor and Field Marshal were killed. The Empire collapsed.

558 – ZiChuan Yun renamed Sha Jia stronghold to Di Du, founding the House ZiChuan.

602 – Golden Chieftain of the Demon Empire launched a major invasion against the Human kind, and was defeated at the Fort Warren.

698 – Karla the 13th of the Demon Empire launched another major invasion against the Human Kind, and once again was defeated at the Fort Warren.

754 – Di Lin was born.

755 – Stirling was born.

760 – ZiChuan Xiu was born, and his birth name was Lin He.

762 – ZiChuan Ning was born.

764 – Liu Feng Shuang was born.

766 – ZiChuan Xiu was adopted by ZiChuan Yuan Xing, and the name of ZiChuan Xiu was given to him.

769 – ZiChuan Xiu joined the Far Eastern Army Academy.

771 – Liu Feng Xi Shan snuck through House ZiChuan’s line of defence, killing ZiChuan Yuan Xing in an ambush. His brother – ZiChuan Shen Xing succeeded the House. ZiChuan Xiu led 800 cavalry and defeated ZiChuan Xi Shan, but his victory only earned him an exile to the Far East.


  • Heng Chuan Campaign: ZiChuan Xiu killed Demon General – Ge Sha, and defeated the Demon Army, capturing Demon Princess Ka Dan.
  • July, ZiChuan Xiu was promoted to Deputy Commander.
  • August, ZiChuan Xiu returned to Di Du. The three young heroes was reunited, Stirling fell in love with Ka Dan.
  • Year’s end, Di Lin defeated the Demon Army and closed in on the Demon God Fortress. It was later called the First Great Invasion.


  • March 26th, Night of Di Du’s Bloodbath. Supreme Commander Yang Ming Hua was slain. Luo Ming Hai became the new Supreme Commander and Di Lin became the new Inspector General. Stirling was promoted to Central Army Commander and ZiChuan Xiu was removed from his position and reinstated into Army Reserves.
  • March 28th, Far Eastern Army Commander – Ge Ying Xing was killed by Lei Hong in an ambush.
  • April, Lei Hong rebelled, and joined in an alliance with the Half-Beasts.
  • July, Battle of the Crimson River. The Far Eastern Army suffered a major defeat.
  • August, Stirling led the Central Army to reinforce Fort Warren; ZiChuan Xiu left Di Du to recruit for the Army Reserve, founding the Company of Xiu.
  • September, Stirling led his army in pursuit of the rebels. It was later known as the Race of the Far East.
  • December, Assembly of Elder was held in advance; Di Lin was sent to the Far Eastern Theater of War.