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Apartments for Rent – Chapter 10 – Part II

Chapter 10 Part 2


It was night.

A night belonged to the greatest of the dark prophets.

Miss Chen just went into her room, arm-in-arm with the taller one of her boyfriends and she was smiling the whole way through. When she passed by Old man Zhang on his way down towards the fridge, the perverted old man made use of her boyfriend’s blind spot and gave her rounded bottom a tight squeeze.

Miss Chen frowned at him, but went through the door anyway.

“I was really busy at work today, especially this afternoon when director told me to sort the files. So I didn’t have time to visit your department. I hope you don’t mind.” The boyfriend smiled as he untied his tie.

“Is that so? I saw you getting quite friendly with your new secretary not too long ago, surely a naïve little girl recently graduated from college is no match for me?” Miss Chen remarked sarcastically.

 “She is definitely not as slutty as you are!” The man laughed, pushing Miss Chen down and began to help her out of her blue dress. Miss Chen didn’t wait either, closing in for a kiss, barely giving him the chance to breath.

I smiled as I watched the pair undress each other as their bodies and eyes expressed their primal lust.

At the same time, another main character had appeared in the camera of the drawing room.

He was a completely different person from last night.

Today, he was energetic, confident, and not a wrinkle in his ironed shirt. The briefcase he carried, however, was of a much larger size than usual.

He was Guo Li.

Based on his spirited appearance, he had clearly gone through the details of how to dispose of the body several times already; he probably thought he had the perfect plan.

Guo Li was just about to go upstairs, when he met Old man Zhang around the corner holding a plate of watermelon slices he took from the fridge. I saw them walking upstairs and conversing casually with each other.

Miss Chen was out of her dress; she had let the man lift her by her waist. His well endowed private parts rapidly penetrated her elegant form in midair, his butt cheeks clenched and relaxed in rhythm with his every thrust. Her moans continued to escalate to the point I thought she couldn’t take it anymore. I could almost feel her juices splashing all over my face.

The bed shook violently as it creaked from the thrusting motion.

Miss Chen moaned louder and louder, as if she wasn’t loud enough to catch Old man Zhang’s attention before.

When Old man Zhang and Guo Li passed through Miss Chen’s door on their way up while she moaned nonstop on the other side, they instinctively looked at each other and they both smiled.

Mr. Wang just happened to walk out at the same time.

Seeing Guo Li and Old man Zhang standing right in front of his doorstep, he forced his face into a smile despite being in a foul mood.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Miss Chen screamed. Her legs kicked wildly every time her boyfriend entered her.

Based on his previous records, and his expression with teeth clenched, he was going to last ten seconds at the most.



The man frowned, and his thrusts began to slow down.

“Don’t stop!” Miss Chen complained while her big pair of breasts bounced in the air.

But the way he stared at the bed, he was clearly feeling uneasy with the whole situation. Despite Miss Chen’s constant nagging, telling him to continue, his thrusts weren’t nearly as forceful as before.


Bonk! Bonk!


Whatever it was, it scared the shit out of him and made him lose his grip on Miss Chen. 

Bleary-eyed Bo Yan crawled out from under the bed, and when he saw the sweat soaked couple above him, he screamed.


“Woah!” Bo Yan panicked, and hit the wall as tried to get up.

“Ouch!” Miss Chen’s hair was a total mess after she fell on her back.

 “What the fuck!” The man cursed as he rolled off the bed.


Old man Zhang and Guo Li had already passed through the corridor and were on their way up to the third floor when the screams came. Out of pure curiosity, they glanced back at the empty hallway.

Guo Li wasn’t really interested in any of it however, because he had more important business to take care of tonight. Ignoring Old man Zhang’s excited hand gestures, he continued on to his room.


“What the fuck! Why the fuck are you here?!” The man quickly recognized Bo Yan as one of the other tenants. He wasted no time swearing all kinds of nasty stuff at him, completely ignoring the fact that Bo Yan was naked.

Bo Yan tried to speak, but no words came out. He didn’t try to cover up his private parts either; he had the look of a glazed man suffering from extreme shock.

“Bitch! Why is that fucking brat under your bed?!” The man was furious; his angry gaze shifted towards Miss Chen.

Miss Chen didn’t have an answer for him; her stiffened body curled up in the bed.

“Bitch! You did this on purpose!” The man shouted, and kicked. Miss Chen screamed in agony when one of the kicks landed on her chest. Before she could recover, the man dragged her by the hair and gave her another slap on the face.

The force of the slap dazed her, leaving a burning red palm mark on her pretty face. Her eyes were filled with terror.

“Wait! Listen to me!” Bo Yan seemed to have regained some of his wits, trying his hardest to explain.

I laughed and clapped loudly. This was simply too much fun.


Knock Knock! Knock Knock!

Old man Zhang worriedly knocked on the door. Even now he wanted to be the hero of the story.

“What is going on? Do you need help?” Old man Zhang shouted over the door. Mr. Wang expressed his concern as well; Mr. Wang was not beyond his own curiosity, but he did lock his door, keeping his meddlesome daughter away from the nasty business ahead while standing behind Old man Zhang himself.


“Bitch! You stupid whore!” The man slapped Miss Chen’s pretty face several times in a row with the strength of a heavy weight fighter. He lifted her by the waist, but this time he hurled her from the bed.

Bo Yan quickly moved out of the way, avoiding the already exposed Miss Chen in case the misunderstanding got any worse. But as a result, Miss Chen fell painfully against the hardened surface and continued to tumble. She was a total mess; both of her cheeks were swollen.

“Please listen, I have a special power, and I can’t control it…” Bo Yan hurriedly tried to explain, but the man never gave him a chance. Jumping down from the bed, he punched him in the face. Disoriented from the impact, Bo Yan lost his footing and tumbled backwards.


Knock Knock! Knock Knock!

 “Miss Chen, can you open the door?” Old man Zhang overheard the sound of struggling and knocked the door harder. Mr. Wang, standing beside him, was about to call the cops but Old man Zhang stopped him.

I know very well the kind of person Old man Zhang is…He would rather watch Miss Chen get beaten to death than using the spare keys in his pocket to open the door. A peeping tom is always and will always be most protective of themselves.

Miss Chen quickly covered herself with a piece of clothing and stumbled towards the door, but before she could reach it, the man pulled her back by the hair and threw her on the ground. The pain made her scream.

“You want to open the door? Is another one of your fuck buddies waiting outside?!” The man raged, and kicked her again. Miss Chen turned away in terror, but the kick still landed on her back.

Bo Yan scrambled onto his feet, but in that instant, he had none of the fury or bravery befitting of a man. He was more like a scared little cat.

“Mister, please listen to me. You can ask the gay couple upstairs. They saw me yesterday…” Before Bo Yan could finish his sentence, the man swung another fist at him, leaving Bo Yan with no choice but to try to defend himself.

While all that was going on, Miss Chen couldn’t care less about the shame of her exposed self and dashed towards the door, unlocking it.

“Stupid bitch!” The man exploded and dashed towards her, fist swinging.

The sudden appearance gave Old man Zhang a shock, but not enough to startle. He immediately darted towards the male and turned it into a street brawl.

“Zhang Ge[1]! Don’t hold back! He was hurting me!” Miss Chen barely managed to finish her sentence. The feeling of her red swollen cheeks spoke a mixed emotion of shame and anger.

 “What did you call him?!” The man shouted angrily.

“That is none of your business!” Old man Zhang answered back.

As expected from a P.E. teacher, he probably practised judo before. In one move, he flipped the man upside down and locked the man’s neck with his arm. Looking back at Miss Chen’s scared and fragile body trembling in the corner against the closet, his manliness demanded retribution.

“You asshole!” Old man Zhang’s swung a fist that landed square on the man’s nose. Unable to move, the man took the full brunt of the punch. Even I could feel his pain.

Bo Yan was completely lost. He stood against the wall, wondering how to even begin making sense of the situation.

“Bo Yan, why are you standing over there naked?” Only now did Old man Zhang notice Bo Yan’s puzzling existence, but the man under his arm lock decided to twitch at the wrong time and earned himself another punch to the face. This time it left him unconscious.

“He was hiding under my bed without clothes on, Zhang Ge, what did you…” Miss Chen cried, her words laced with dissatisfaction.

“Hey, Bo Yan! Where did you get the keys into Miss Chen’s room?” Old man Zhang interrupted loudly. His deep voice was his way of telling Miss Chen to shut up and not expose his secret.

“I don’t have any keys. I just have another personality. He only appears when I’m asleep…and he likes to run around naked,” Bo Yan complained. “I think he’s able to go through walls. I have no idea how I got here.”

Miss Chen’s high pitched voice seemed to be in protest against such ridiculous plea.

“Shall I call the cops?” Mr. Wang whined on the side while trying his hardest to not stare at the naked Miss Chen.

“No need, I’m here. Everything is under control!” Old man Zhang declared strongly and gave another punch to the already unconscious fellow below him. The pain woke him up and he screamed. Old man Zhang didn’t waste time and dragged the man out of the door, shouting: “Asswipe! Woman beating bastard!” He quickly folded the man’s shirt and pants into a bulb and threw them outside the door.  

The man knew he had met his match. He quickly picked up his clothes and shouted back: “Bitch, I will beat you again if I see you at work!” With that he ran down the stairs while occasionally stopping to put on his pants.

Meanwhile, Guo Li sat speechless outside his bathroom; his pale and baffled face said it all.

That was the most epic scene of the whole night.


Ling Hu had disappeared from his bathroom.

Guo Li’s briefcase lay unpacked on the floor, with a series of tools waiting to be put to use. He clearly had a plan for everything.

A canvas bag, surgery knife, saw, mask, pair of gloves, lime powder, and even rain boots…

But just when he finally managed to muster his courage and opened the bathroom doors… all his plans went up in smoke.


Sitting quietly in front of the screens, I found myself enjoying the slowly expanding urine stain over Guo Li’s black dress pants.


[1] Ge = Brother, in Chinese culture it is an honorific used to show affection or intimacy, or used for an older male friend or relative.


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