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Noblesse 218


Noblesse 218


Noblesse 218

Franky needs some love and comfort !!!


Ohh and dont forget the Noblesse zodiac competion has started!

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  1. Jharexz /


  2. thanks for the chapter…………….

  3. Baalsebub /

    “pat pat pat” – I lol’d

  4. hahaha…it’s funny how rai tries to comfort frank…”patting”

  5. Thank you very much for translation!!!

  6. Andromeda_stargate /

    I read this in class and I had to control myself not to lol when rai pats frank.

  7. Anonymous /

    Ahahahaha, the ending was so funny.


  9. “pat, pat, pat” OMG LMAO!

  10. Rai rules!

  11. Chickybe /

    Hahahaha that was funny poor frankie at least Rai was there to pat him. :)

    Awesome chap. Thanks egscan.

  12. heheh nice chap…cool SFX (sound effects?)
    thanks as always =)

  13. John347 /

    Thank you for the chapter :)

  14. this is why i love NOBLESSE… intense fight scenes + it makes me laugh! hahaha… THANKS EGS! still the best!

  15. And here I was thinking that Frankie only cared about his house(hence the homeowner title).

  16. marshmalphas /

    awww, Rai ^^
    pfffahaha, and the ModTrio (M21, Tao, Takeo) skiiiiids down the sofa away from Frankenstein immediately, totally loved that detail xDDD
    Love them all! Thanks for the release, my friends!

  17. Fahrenheit451 /

    Thanks again for the Noblesse!

  18. Azure_fantist /

    Thanks, simply love the chapter ending… LOLS

  19. Ariel MC /

    Thank you very much for the new chapter!!
    Poor Frankenstein…

  20. Thank you for the chapter!!! <3
    Poor Frankie, but Rai is cute X'D

  21. Yihrenliu /

    THanks sooo muchhh!!!!

  22. thanks for this great chapter! i laughed so much at the last scene! :D poor Frankie…only Rai knows how to comfort him lol

  23. ‘skkiiiiiiid’ — ‘pat pat’ — buahaha too funny.
    But that was truly a much more quiet way of Frankie being upset – than i expected.
    Aw cant wait till the next one. Really Lovin how its all developing.

    Many Thanks Egscans Team

  24. Anonymous /

    Thanks! Adorable!

  25. Travis Montgomery /

    Thanks for the awesome new chapter. Great way to start off the new year!

  26. Kelly Jo /

    Yonsu might wind up with a surprise bill. I hope she’s got savings.

  27. Frankie! Poor, poor baby.

    Ral is indeed the one who understands him the most.

  28. Butterflyplayground /

    I love the story is overwhelming when the chapter will coming soon

  29. Soooo cute, this last scene!!! Really, he’s so sad with his beloved school so broken :'( Poor him… And of course, thanks for the awsome scanlation, I love you guys!!!! :D

  30. Raizel2512 /

    thanks for the scan.. cool 8D

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    I’m starting to like your site more and more. I’m a fan of manga for a long time now and I really appreciate that your site is so user friendly and you have lots of great projects. Thank you :)