So, I have some devastating news for everyone. Due to a Zero-Day exploit carried out on our server three days ago, we’ve effectively lost everything on our FTP and the reader. The only thing we’ve been able to recover is our website and our forums. It’ll be nearly impossible to recover all those lost files. To put things into perspective, we’ve lost about 10 years worth or work, all of our raw files, and about 50 unreleased chapters of our current projects. This is, essentially, 3-4 months worth of releases. We’ve started to gather the fragments of what we can salvage and are slowly rebuilding, but that may take some time. During this process we will still be releasing chapters, as best we can, while also recovering from this stressful and demoralizing event. If you have any questions you can ping
@Nekro Darkmoon#2995 on discord or email us at admin@egscans.com

Thank you for your understanding and patience.