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Looking for a Father c51


Looking for a Father c51

Will it be a home run?

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  1. was that the end?

    • FathomEGS /

      There’s still one more Extra.

      • whaaaaaat /

        What. :O
        If there’s only one extra remaining what did he mean by “I will show you as much of whatever wasn’t included in the webtoon later on”? Whatever wasn’t included is just one extra?

  2. Ain’t that something …

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

  4. ShinSakura Nguyen /

    Sigh age restrictions? Really… Shameful. Thank you for your effort and work

  5. silentforme /

    Thanks for the chapter,, nice work,,:)

  6. I’m kinda confused… does anyone have any insight on what happened? It sounds like the author thinks his work is unappreciated… :(

    • BeckisAlive /

      It seems that, in Korea, it got age restricted and it dropped in ranking, and eventually it got axed…Or so I understood…

  7. I’m gonna miss the porcupine reactions from all the characters.