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Knights & Magic ch19


Knights & Magic ch19


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  1. Ryu_Kaneki /

    thanks :v


  3. Hisham Pauzi /

    Thank You 🤓

  4. IzManen /

    The manga has come in a Anime now, but I rather read the Manga cause it’s so much better.
    Thanks for the work with translating it for us.

  5. Hisham Pauzi /

    The anime plot is too simple and not same with manga.Thank You for translation the manga version for us

  6. だやる にしー /

    its official, the anime has overtaken what we could have learned from the manga translations.

    I’m going to assume there are still more chapters from the manga that the anime is still *loosely* following however, if chapter 19 is the most recent release and the anime is now going the “FMA” route for the anime’s plot, this will lead to a entirely different story then what the manga portrays (they still have the novel to be fair but, they will still take liberties).

    • The anime seems to be following the light novel more than the manga anyway.

      • だやる にしー /

        oh cool, then it should still follow the base material for the most part, no “Knights & Magic: Brotherhood” scenarios for the foreseeable future.