This is yesterday’s release ^^

Also the start of the final volume.


So, regular readers of this series probably know all of this already, but as a new PR who jumped in head first at the end, here are some random things I didn’t realize before:

Kuramitsuha means “dark water-spirit” and was actually a piece of Kuraokami/Okami, a legendary dragon who was slain by being cut into 3 pieces by his dad, Izanagi, for accidentally killing his mom during childbirth.

“Moreover, the blood which dripped from the head of the sword spurted out and became deities, who were called Kura o Kami no Kami, next Kura-yamatsumi no Kami, and next Kura-midzu-ha no Kami.” -> Enkida


There is a countdown for this. Somewhere~

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