Here is the mass release! Don’t read it all at once, save some until New Year.

Thanks to all the staff for all their work. We will see You again in 2019.

Best of Wishes,
EGS Staff

Downloads and discussions: Here

Downloads are also available on IRC


Amatsuki v19 ch120

A Thousand Years Ninetails ch112

Aruosumente v7 ch35

Acma Game v3 ch17

Aku no Kyoten v7 ch27

Dear only you dont know ch91

Dreamland ch93

Embalming v6 ch34

Gunjou Senki v3 ch22

Gunka no Baltzar ch52

Hitogatana v7 ch34

Haken no Kouki Altina ch18

Samurai Ragazzi v10 ch37

TAL ch229