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Hell’s Kitchen 1


Hell’s Kitchen 1

Hell’s Kitchen
Author: NISHIMURA Mitsuru
Artist: AMASHI Gumi
Summary: Dogma, the Earl of Poor eating comes to train high school student Satoru into the perfect chef. But what awaits Satoru at the end of his training is only death. His teacher is not an ordinary noble but a demon from hell who promises to eat his soul, spiced with a lifetime of cooking expertise. Will Satoru abandon his normal life to become the puppet of this demonic earl? How will he cope with his life’s expiry tag?
Let’s have a taste of this Heresy Gourmet!
Many of you might know it … or not hehe but we have a lot of cooking fans in our group and when the project was suggested by one of our members we jump right on it ^^ WE LOVE COOKING MANGA!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Have a read and find out for yourselves how awsomeeeeeeeee this project is!!!

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  1. summerhaine /

    kyaaa!! <3 waiting for this!

  2. thx for this chapter
    i was feeling sick xD but becaus of this chapter i laughed till i fell from mine chair :P

  3. kinagami /

    Looked at the title and immediately thought of the TV show with that name lol. Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Anonymouse /

    Absolutely loved it.

    I cant understand how you guys keep bringing us fantastic series after fantastic series. Seems like every week you find a new series I can call my favorite.

    Thanks and please keep series like this one coming.

  5. laurens /

    WAAAW Thank you absolutely loved it, Can’t wait for more chapters :D

  6. This reminds me of Nougami Neuro!

  7. OMG where is Gordon Ramsay O: lol. Anyways, thanks for the chapter.

  8. Machete /

    i’m checking this out cause is the same author of “ann cassandra” which was REALLY good (a must see) i hope this is as good as that one :3

  9. Wolves /

    Definitely has a Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro element to it.
    Hmm… And Gordon Ramsay. Well named. Lmfao xD.

    I really like this manga xD hope to see more :D

  10. Reminds me of Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro.

  11. Yaay~♪
    More delicious manga with delicious characters!
    Um, hex yes.

  12. tailor /

    Haha this is hilarious!!! and as others have been saying it reminds me of Majin…Neuro :D loved that!!
    can’t wait for more of this!

  13. Capslock /


  14. Kenshiki /

    Cooking Neuro is hillariou. Very nice start – interesting concept – I definitely want to see more of this.

    Thanks a lot!!

  15. i love it, love it, can’t wait or more!!!!!!

  16. I jizzed when they ate the hamburger.

  17. lol when ever see name can not help but think of Gordan Ramsey :)

  18. me too. isn’t that the name of his show?

  19. amazing just amazing

  20. This was an awesome read. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  21. Yum!
    I loce cooking manga too (waiting for more Mr. Ajikko)
    Reading this makes me want to try using the fat. Sadly, i’m no chef.

  22. lo0p345 /

    At first i though: wtf, is this manga about chef Ramsay?!
    But then i read the chapter and really loved it, it reminded me of a combination between kuroshitsuji and a really good cooking manga. I can´t wait for more.

  23. Brb making a hamburger

  24. New fan of Hell's Kitchen /

    When is the next capter going to be coming? This is a promising manga. Very funny.