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Heat 24


Heat 24

Things are heating up!

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  1. molto /

    Awesome, thanks EGS.
    All the gangs, districts get me confused though. Who the good “bad” guys are and who the the bad “good” guys are…I’ll have to reread this manga when it’s done.

    • Siapaajabole /

      i dont think there is a good guy and bad guy tho, only main char and how he reach the top, excellent manga, i like main char personality, calm and sharp

  2. Main chars were totally unlikeable the first few chapters but the manga got pretty interesting after that. Love to see where it goes. Thanks again EGS!

  3. shuuyu /

    yay finally after so long. LOL. thank you!!!

  4. Anonnnnnnn /

    I kinda hope Murasame wins lol