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Gunka no Baltzar v9 c48


Gunka no Baltzar v9 c48


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  1. KrimzonStriker /

    Woohoo, we’re back! Thanks so much guys! :D

  2. but in this series, chapters up to chapter 54 have already been translated… Okay, they’re not very good in terms of graphic quality but the English is definitely good enough :)

    • So, you want us to drop it? I don’t understand what the point of your comment is…
      EGS has been working on this manga since the beginning- we might have been slow- but working on each chapter is not easy… Or does it mean you want us to start at chapter 55 which no raws are available for yet and that is the only reason the other stopped? T_T Don’t wanna? Don’t read… I believe true fans of Gunka would not like the other version and not only because of the graphic quality but over all quality which is much better and higher in our work.

      • Well said.

      • Allexio /

        hmm, I’d rather you spend your limited resources on something that hasn’t been translated at all, rather than something that has already been translated, albeit not as well.
        I’m not complaining, I know you guys do some really good work, and I really appreciate it, was just some food for thought.

        • Here is the thing- different people work on different stuff.
          Not all people want to work on everything.
          That is why, no matter what, even if I have the staff to work on something else, if they don’t want to and are unwilling, I can’t force them. That is why there are many projects that are not being worked on.
          Gunka has a TLer who likes it and a CL/TS/QCer that is crazy about it (me)- meaning we almost have a full team making it possible to work on chapters and get them released (I want to thank Enkida who subs the PR for the chapters- thanks <3)

          If you are talking about limited resources, there are none o.0 I just do as I want with things that I want o.0 If you want it differently, join the team and make a difference o.0

          P.S- Yes, I like Gunka and have worked on it for years. I don't plan to stop unless we end up dropping it for no matter what reason… And don't worry ^^ I CL/TS/QC many other stuff so I don't count as limited resources XD I am a super robot that can do it all~
          (but is sad to see those other Gunka chapters that are pain to my eyes…)

  3. Wremise_Krummels /

    Wow, really thanks for the update. I really like this manga.