Are you guys open for joints?2018-04-14T01:52:02+00:00

Of course we are. As long as:

  • the project fits with our repertoire;
  • we have staff interested in working on the project; and
  • you’re an easy going group and you don’t give us headaches.

Just send us an email at admin@egscans.com with the details and what your group is willing to do for the project (TL/PR/CL/TS). We usually wish to do the QC though.

Are you guys recruiting new staff?2018-04-14T01:53:29+00:00

Always! You just have to send us your application along with your attempt at our test for whatever position you are interested in. Those who pass the test will then have to go through a trial period, which will last until they have completed 3-5 chapters of our projects. However, some positions may be closed from time to time, so make sure the position you’re interested in is open before sending in your application, or it will be ignored.

Interested? Go here.

Can I recommend a manga/manhwa/manhua for you to scanlate?2018-04-14T01:51:27+00:00

Sure! If you have a suggestion for us, please feel free to make your recommendation here! However, we will automatically turn down series that

  • Are officially licensed in English;
  • Are being actively worked on by another scanlation group (last update was within the past 3 months);
  • Are released on Naver (We have had enough trouble with DCMA, thank you very much);
  • Are too long (8 volumes max.); and/or
  • Are explicitly Yaoi.

Things that make it more likely for us to consider picking up a series are:

  • Good plot (not a chick-flicky Shoujo romance);
  • Decent art;
  • RAWs are available for free download (not just the first chapter) / You are willing to provide RAWs for us.
Can I upload your releases on manga reading sites? – NO –2018-04-14T01:55:36+00:00

We DO NOT ALLOW any leeching site that tries to make a profit from our free labor and hobby to host our releases.

For other sites, you have to ask for OUR PERMISSION first.

IF permission is granted, then yes, as long as you don’t remove or alter anything from the file and have a 24-hour delay after our release.

Below are the sites that do not have our permission to host our releases:

  • Webtoon Live do not have our permission to host any of our projects
  • Eat Manga do not have our permission to host any of our projects
  • Mangafox do not have our permission to host any of our projects
  • Mangareader do not have our permission to host any of our projects
  • mangahere do not have our permission to host any of our projects
  • MP do not have our permission to host any of our projects
Can I use your translation of __________ and translate it to another language?2018-04-14T01:54:57+00:00

Yes, but you have to ask for our permission first. You can do so in our forum here.

This rule is in place to prevent several groups translating into the same target language from fighting over the same projects, which did happen in the past. Generally, it’s on a first-come-first-served basis… unless under rare circumstances, like if the original group has gone defunct.

Also, we kindly ask all groups using our translation to leave our credit page intact in their own releases.

And before you ask, we never share our RAWs or PSDs. Most of the RAWs of the projects we work on are available for free download online; and if they aren’t, you are highly advised to buy your own copy to support the original author.

I would like to donate to your group. Is that possible?2018-04-14T01:54:04+00:00

Yes, all donations are appreciated!! Please note that we are a non-profit making scanlation group and all donations will be used to buy RAWs and cover our server costs. To donate, simply click the “Become a patron” button on the right sidebar of our homepage. It will link you to our Patron account.

Is __________ dropped? I haven’t seen a release in a while…2018-04-14T01:48:03+00:00

See the search bar up there on our navigation bar? Type in the name of the series and look at the latest post. If you don’t see [Dropped] on the title, then we are still working on the project. We never drop a project without making an announcement.

Should you really be picking up NEW series while the old ones have not been updated for a long time?2018-04-14T01:49:13+00:00

The release of a series can be delayed for many different reasons. We may have run out of RAWs. We may be looking for a translator/proofreader/cleaner/typesetter for the project. One of the staff member working on the series may have broken a hand / be sick / be busy with exams / be having trouble with their computer / be moving / be on holiday… (Yes, we are human beings with lives of our own. Oh, don’t be so surprised.)

So picking up new series has no effect on the release rate of old projects, especially in cases where different staff members are in charge of the projects.

When will the next chapter of __________ be released?2018-04-14T01:48:47+00:00

When pigs fly… In other words, “Never ask us this question.”

What will happen if you keep spamming us with this question? B-A-N. You’ve been warned.

Where can I find your releases?2019-07-29T00:19:23+00:00

You can find our releases on our:

Why can’t I find __________ on your online reader?2018-04-14T01:49:34+00:00

Some of our projects are not available on the online reader because we have been asked to take them down from our website. These projects are most likely licensed in English. However, all our past releases are still available for download on our IRC.

Why did you drop __________ I love it???!!!2018-04-14T01:50:30+00:00

We drop a project because:

  • it has been officially licensed in English; or
  • the original staffers working on the project have retired/disappeared and no one else is interested in working on it.

Or sometimes we didn’t actually drop the project. The series might just be discontinued in its country of origin.

Why did you pick up __________ it’s boring I don’t like it blahblahblah…2018-04-14T01:50:01+00:00

If we pick up a project to scanlate, it means we like it. If YOU don’t like it, then DON’T READ IT.

Users who come to our forum or chatbox to nag about how they don’t like a series we’re working on will not be treated well… a.k.a. B-A-N.

Got a question that is not answered here?

Then start a topic here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.