Easy Going Scans is 9 years old!

Hear! Hear! The day has come,
In which us scanlators welcome you thus,
To partake in joy, happiness, and silliness some,
In this EGS birthday that a lot means to us.

To you, dear readers, who follow us closely,
And to those of you who came here perchance,
Thank you, have a blast, we like to be homely,
For today, as you know, is our 9th year’s dance.

Best of Wishes,
EGS Staff

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Happy Birthday from all of us!!! Hope you enjoy the big release and stay tuned for more chapters~ On another note we are still looking for webtoon cleaners and proofreaders so if you want to keep seeing releases from us, please do apply. We don’t bite… usually.



ACMA Game v3 ch23

Aku no Kyouten v9 ch32

Amatsuki v20 ch126

Hizame giggles, mentions that she only eats tofu dishes. While not explicit, it’s likely a callback to her eating the mermaid’s flesh. ~Schawlow

Aruosumente v6 ch38

A Thousand Years Ninetails ch120

Blood and Steel v15 ch77

Dead Sorcerers City ch159

Dear only you don’t know ch95

Dreamland v10 ch96

Embalming – Another Tale of Frankenstein v7 ch38

Geukji High ch66 extra

Gunjou Senki v3 ch25

Psycho kid vs Master Ninja… who will win? ~Shaka

Isekai Yururi Kikou ch9+10

TAL ch235

Wuchang Gui ch3

Fun fact: “Bai Wuchang” has white in its name while “Hei Wuchang” has black in its name.