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EGS 7th Year Anniversary mass releases!


EGS 7th Year Anniversary mass releases!

Easy Going Scans is 7 years old!

It has been a lot of years, since the first time we ever met;
And the years are still counting, separation we’ll never get.
Through the sunshine and the rain, I have seen you get them through;
And now you’re a year older, I’m wishing all the best for you.

A handsome fortune, a healthy luck, the happy ticking on the clock;
A lot of those glorious blessings, more than the birds in a flock.
A life free of sickness and worry, these are all I wish for you;
And may you have a happy birthday, may all of your dreams come true.

Best of Wishes,
Easy Going Scans Staff

Downloads and discussions: Here

Downloads are also available on IRC


Aku no Kyouten v03 ch09

Amatsuki v17 ch108

Americano Exodus ch34

Ayashiya v02 ch007

A Thousand Years Ninetails ch087

Brave 10 S v08 ch037

Dead Sorcerers City ch141

Don’t Cry Boreumi v04 ch023 [Joint with Koto-no-yume]

Gunka no Baltzar v08 ch043

Happy If You Died ch018

Honzuki no Gekokujou v01 ch003

Kamisama Dolls v10 ch055

Knights and Magic ch016

Samurai Ragazzi v06 ch021

Shana oh Yoshitsune v18 ch066

TAL ch192

Yamikin Ushijima-kun v06 ch051

Yongbi the Invincible v14 ch130 [Joint with Supreme Cream Scanlations]

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  1. Mackovich /

    Well congratulations are in order and surely, all the thanks in the world for this amazing work. You guys just keep rocking it!

  2. Theodore Bergwerk /

    Thank you all for the releases of Gunka! F

  3. Theodore Bergwerk /

    Thank you for the release of Gunka!

  4. Thank you so much for the release of Gunka!

  5. Valja /

    Congratulations!! Thanks for all your work so far and, obviously, for this new bunch of releases <3

  6. maddy /

    Happy Birthday Egscans! Many thanks for all the work you did, you do and you will (hopefully) do in the future :D

  7. Maulis /

    Congratulations! Wishing you guys the best further down the road.

  8. ncKeo /


  9. reh2k /

    Much thanks for translating Honzuki no Gekokujou. Thought it was a goner it had been so long.

    • We are missing a TLer ;-; but we all love it since it is so cute <3~

      • reh2k /

        Wish I could help, but my language skills have me barely speaking English as is, let alone a second language. :(

  10. Congratulations and Thank you!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday EGS! <3

  12. Misty Blue /

    Happy Birthday EGS! Thanks for all these years of awesome scanlations!

  13. ph_ntom /

    happy birthday EGS ^^

  14. Chrysanthemum Stine /

    Happy Anniversary! (Let’s aim for the 10th!)

    And thanks very much for all the releases.

  15. AirDale /

    Thanks to all my EGS friends and thanks for all my EGS friends. Happy EGS Anniversary!

  16. happy anniversary!

  17. Shaima Mohammad /

    Congratulations!! Thanks for all your work <3

  18. gwendelp /

    Thank you very much for all your super works !! happy anniversary :))

  19. Aurora /

    Happy Birthday, EGS! <3
    I had a really good time here, and I hope you're all doing well.
    Many thanks for the mass release! ^^

  20. Happy Anniversary EGS! :) I don’t have an account but your Gunka download links are all broken.

  21. Happy Birthaday EGS!!!! Many thanks for your awesome work all these years and for the many years to come!!!! Keep Going Easy Going!!!!!

  22. tokkei12 /

    Happy anniversary, and thank you for all the releases!