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EGS 4th Year Anniversary mass releases!


EGS 4th Year Anniversary mass releases!

EGS 4th Year Anniversary mass releases!

4 years and over 4000 releases!

EGS wouldn't have been possible without the countless support of our readers, donators and most of all–our beloved staff. So we at EGS would like to thank each and every one of you. Here's hoping we have many more years left in us. Cheers!

— EGS Admins



Read Online

70 2

A Fairytale for the Demon Lord 1

Ahiru no Oujisama 19

American Ghost Jack 16

Aruosumente 16

A Thousand Years Ninetails 56

Black Joke 28

Chaos Attack 1

Cherry Boy, That Girl 9

City of Blood 15

City of Darkness 59

Dead Sorcerers City 80

Crepuscule 124

Divine Bells 66

Dear, only you don't know 38

Feng Shen Ji 100

Free Draw 2

Gepetto 77

Geukji High 30 extra

Gwisin Byeolgok 48

Hell's Kitchen 29

Read online

In Full Bloom 73

Kataribe no List 19

Kill No More 5

Looking for a Father 8

Oh, My God! 19

Piano no Mori 127

Pinocchio 65

Rainbow Rose 11

Rainbow 111

Rappa 8

Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san 12

Shards of Sin 09

Song of the Long March 32 Part II

Story Of Someone We Know 33

TAL 101

The Lawless 8

Trump 46

Usogui 93

Verdant Lord 11

Wakabayashi 4-koma 19

Wake up Deadman 65

Westwood Vibrato 13

Yamikin Ushijima-kun 20



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