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Dreamland v09 c085


Dreamland v09 c085

The New Shun. Looking for a fluent French Translator and Cleaner.Please apply at our forum.

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  1. Fakinha Dash /

    Thanks a LOT for the new chapter!!

  2. Jessiah Patrick /

    Wow crazzyyy Shun looks so much stronger and thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thank you so much to continue this great and underappreciated series. It’s my favorite.

    Also for those of you that understand german: The german version is further now than the scanlations. Maybe a few will buy it.

    • Huh, wasn’t even aware there was a German edition. Sounds great. I got the raws up to v13 but I read as we go along scanlating it. (Series is up to v14 right now I think)