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Dreamland v08 c078


Dreamland  v08 c078

New chapter of Dreamy

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  1. thanks :)

  2. Saitama Bro /

    He can’t possibly lose … cuz he’s on fire!

  3. Saitama Bro /

    Nice, it’s Dreamland. Thanks guys.

  4. Thank you! Mighty fine job. I awaited the day somebody would pick up this manga.

  5. Fakinha Dash /

    Thank you for the update!

  6. OMG!! Thanks so much EGS. I have been waiting for someone to pick it up and to actually be able to read an english translation. Thank you so much.

  7. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twas to long since the last release

  8. Cody Hills /

    YES, t’is a very good day.

  9. ezechiel /

    good to be french for this one, volume 14 in june. only sad part is that it’s regulary more than 6 month between volumes.

    Then again it’s not the same publication speed than in japan ( a volume each 2-3 month for the weekly mangas)

    • That explains why I its around six months for the german volumes now, too. And I was afraid of it being cancelled.