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Dreamland v08 c075


Dreamland  v08 c075

To new beginnings…

We’re pleased to announce our official merge with Random Scans. EGS has welcomed Random Scan staff into the EGS family to consolidate resources. If you’re wondering about the status of their projects. Have no worries they will continue under the EGS name. Please check our future releases for updates on former RS projects.

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  1. Alan Huang /


  2. Fakinha Dash /

    OH MY GOD IT’S ALIVE. I love you egscans <3

  3. Dimmest /

    Well, isn’t this quite the wonderful thing for you guys to do! Thank you.

  4. causticXD /

    Awesome. One of my favorites. Couldn’t be happier.

  5. Brutask /

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  6. Woot, glad to hear that y’all merged and are able to release this series. One of my favorites and I was losing hopes of it ever being released again. Good job and thanks for the quality job.

  7. nichtejager /

    Does this mean you guys are going to bring over Yongbi? That is like one of my most favorite series EVER.

  8. Tiouma /

    If you need a connection in France for anything regarding Dreamland, I’d be happy to help.

  9. Belnal /

    I think I should signal a translation problem : p6, the two men are traveler killer (they kill travelers, so should be the same translation than a player killer for a game)

    • This isn’t a game though?
      Maybe you should reread this and refresh what Dreamland is and what the travelers are.

  10. Cultist /

    You guys are scanlation heroes. I salute you!

  11. KeroXIII /

    This is the best news I’ve seen in some time. Glad to see this series will be getting back on track

  12. CoLdAsIcE /

    thanks for taking this up i been waiting for this series to continue u guys are awsome

  13. zerg /

    Great news!!
    Will you continue with “Kyou Kara Hitman” (Part Time killer) project?