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Dear Only You Don’t Know 084


Dear Only You Don’t Know 084


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  1. Thanks!

  2. DanoTheFano /

    Hey, so what’s the status of this manhwa? I’ve recently picked it up and now I’m at chapter 69 (a decent stopping point for now) and I’ve just now noticed that it’s taken almost a full year to go from chapter 83 to 84. Should I keep reading because this will become a regularly translated series again, or should I stop now and save myself the heartbreak of a stalled manhwa?

    • We are planing to finish this project. When will it happen? I don’t really know…
      I am hoping that our Korean TLer helps out and we will see the end of this in this life time xP So I say stop for now and wait for a bit >_<

      • DanoTheFano /

        Okay awesome! Thank you guys so much for working on this series and I’ll look forward to your future releases!

    • If all goes as planned, you will get more chapters this year.

  3. thanks for the chapter!