Hello! First and foremost, we at Easy Going Scans would like to thank all the staff that worked so hard to bring you guys our 8th anniversary mass release! We would also like to thank our readers for the long-continued support, 8 years is a long time and we would not still be here if it were not for our readers and our great staff.

There has been a lot of talking going on regarding the new direction we wish to take our group in, and after much debate, we have decided to slowly implement the following changes:

1. We have decided to drop these following projects:

  • Don’t Cry Boreumi
  • Kensei’s Calligraphy
  • Yamikin Ushijima-kun – Ushijima the Loan Shark

2. The option to download our chapters will no longer be available till we fix some issues with our site. Our projects can be read through our online reader.

3. EGS is up with the times and can now be found on Discord! Feel free to drop by and say hi to the gang. Discord Link

4. We also plan to make changes to the site and forum so that it is easier to navigate!

5. Easy Going Scans is currently looking for experienced staff members to join our awesome team!

Look forward to these and lots more changes and chapters~ Let’s all have a great year~!