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Brave 10 S v9 c45 [End]


Brave 10 S v9 c45 [End]

Last chapter from this series. Enjoy!

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  1. thanks sooooo much for working and finishing this story! it was so very good!

  2. gwendelp /

    Nooo it’s over !! after so many time !! thank you very much !!

  3. Anyone else cried at the end ;-;?

    Don’t read if you have not seen it all~

    Half of them are dead T_T and at the end they were not able to save her!
    And seeing Saizu cry… OMG… =(

  4. Thank you very much for the chapter!

  5. Blaubeerchen27 /

    Very nice! Are you going to post the Tawamure chapters as well?

    • The what o.0?

      • Blaubeerchen27 /

        There is an additional volume called “Tawamure” which has some random extra chapters^^

        • I don’t have the raws >_< Probably not unless I find the raws and think it is important xP

          • Blaubeerchen27 /

            devilcastlescans has them! Would be really nice, there are such interesting things in there^^

          • They might be planing to do it?… >_<

          • Blaubeerchen27 /

            Certainly not, they just scanned the whole thing and translated the first 15 chapters or so^^ if you give them credit for scanning I’m sure you were allowed to use their stuff.

          • I only see 2 chapters there and it seems like those are magazine raws… I don’t think we will do it >_< I don't have a TLer for it ;-;