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Blast 36 [END]


Blast 36 [END]


Blast 36

Last chapter for Blast. Unfortunatly it has been discontinued… :(

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  1. Rawrdaysgoby /

    God Dammit it barely even got started

  2. What! Dangit. It was just starting to get good. Is it from low popularity?

  3. Veritas /

    Sonuvabich :L Was just getting good as well >__< should have gave the writer a chance to finish this arc up at least.

  4. canĀ“t believe this shit, for real????
    mangaupdates says nothing about this… fuck, nobody deserves this

  5. starfire /

    Oh no! >.< why was it discontinued? :( im so sad now :(

  6. I guess it was discontinued because it goes way too fast, the story seems to be moving up and down so fast. Anyway I thought it would be good ending seeing as it is fantasy type but oh well guess we can only wait for other projects now /

  7. D: Awww I was really enjoying reading it.

  8. damn that’s why i hate manhwa that discontinued because they’ll just stop all of a sudden w/o a proper ending not like manga if its discontinued at least they’ll release few chapters to end it not like this it’s suddenly stopped. oh well >.>

  9. I just wanted to know why.

  10. Friendly Guy /

    Damnnnnn Nigga!!! Bloody publishers. That was one shitty way to axe a project

  11. Laurens /

    fuck fuck fuck, damn them fuck. why?

  12. Laurens /

    Don’t start with something when you can’t finish it!!!@ Not telling it to egscans but the damn publishers

  13. Just when it was getting alot more interesting.

  14. just one thing, WTF D: nuuuuu

  15. Anonymous /

    Just love the way it ended … really, so abruptly !! Like everyone, is there any way to know why it got discontinuated and if so there might be a possible hope for further chapters ?

  16. Not surprising…it actually started off really interesting, but quickly became very cliched. It also suffers from poor storytelling skills.

    Hope the author will be back with a better manhwa soon!

  17. Bummer… T.T

  18. Discontinued? Does it mean there is no more chapters? It was one of my favorite mangas :(

  19. Revennge /

    Like whaaat?

  20. i kind of agree with da publisher it was kind of plain and the drawing isnt that great sorry to any fan of blast for the comment

  21. saw this coming a mile away -.-

  22. Noooo,
    This is one of 3 top faverates hear cant belive they droped a great one like this :(
    Hopefully may re- think it and continue or at very least finish it off.

    Its so good.

    Thx for doing this series. :)

  23. Epicfail /


  24. Well that sucks good thing there’s noblsse and GOH :D one good manhwa down still many to go

  25. JFgarcia /

    Can someone tell me what the reason for them to discontinue this ????????????????????
    THNX FOR THE REPLY…………………………..

  26. JFgarcia /

    Can someone tell me what the reason for them to discontinue this ????????????????????
    THNX FOR THE REPLY…………………………..

  27. GabrielTDO /

    so sad now…… i really did like this manhwa

  28. thunder flame /

    you know its not that i liked it but when i start reading something i like to finish it

  29. Nanami /

    Wait!!!! Why!!!