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Apartments for Rents – EGS First Novel


Apartments for Rents – EGS First Novel

YaY! We are happy to announce that EGScans will be joining the Novel hypetrain.

This will be our first Novel project, With it, some new features are added to the site, including the Novel button on top of the navigation bar.

The novel releases will be completely independent from our other releases, so don't go panic mode assuming your favourite series will be delayed because of it.

So here it is, Apartments for Rent(18+)

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  1. BurningAlpha /

    I’m posting this on r/Noveltranslation btw just for info, hope you guys get more readers ;)

  2. Ahhh NOVELS! I am happy you guys are doing novels now or at least this one for now! This seems interesting so far. I am excited! (Also do you guys plan on posting a download when the novel is completely translated because I definitely know people that like files)

    Anyways look forever to this. Seems very interesting!