Hello to our dedicated fans,

There’s been a change to our monthly donation process that involves all the people registered to monthly donations.

As some of you may have noticed, Claudia has decided to take a leave of absence from the scanlation scene. As a result of her indefinite retirement status, the day to day operations and cost recovery are no longer handled by her.

For that reason we've decided to switch the PayPal account receiving the donation from hers to a different account. What this means is that everyone that is currently registered for monthly donations before June is still sending their donations to her.

The donations haven’t been lost, so no worries about that. We can still contact Claudia. But it would be more convenient for us if you unregister from the old auto pay account and then reregister to the new one current one.

We apologize for not taking the time to make the announcement sooner.

We really appreciate everyone who has thus donated so far. All your donations are greatly helping to keep our servers and site running smoothly. :)

The EGS Admin Team