The sound of dripping water: a legend on death by autosuggestion

Supposedly, if a blindfolded person is slightly scratched, then put under the impression of bleeding (by hearing the sound of dripping water, for example) that person will die, even if there is no real blood loss, due to autosuggestion.
This “experiment”, usually performed on criminals sentenced to death, is described in a number of books; one early example is in Flammarion’s book, “L’inconnu et le problèmes psychiques” (link , see page 287)
(1900), which was an influential work in psychic research/parapsychology/whatever. It later became a staple of personal-success books, starting from Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success” ( link , see ■25) (1928), as an example of the power of the mind.
Needless to say, the place and time of the alleged experiment are invariably different, and there appear to be no scientifically credible sources referencing the fact.

This page in Japanese (link) has a collection of extracts from various, mostly European sources (starting from some 1886 articles) up to a number of Japanese books in recent years, that reference the legend. This is testimony to the popularity its popularity in Japan, making it no surprise that it would find its way into this manga as well.


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