Aaaand here’s the last chapter!! Hope you guys enjoyed the ride~ Now some words form our staff members:

One of those projects that are not for the weak of hearts. This chapter as well had some heavy themes in it. I do wonder what happened next! Any thoughts on the matter? ^^  ~Ell

Well, I’ll admit… i didn’t read this series, but as redrawer I had quite a lot questionable moments without the context of pictures. Like.. demon, holy tree, naked bodies. I think that story was another heavy themed  teacher-students battle. ~Tx93

Honestly, I am glad it’s finished. Quite a terrible ending. Also [SPOILER ALERT], to make an insanity plea might not be the brightest idea, since being put in a mental hospital may be way worse than prison, given that the sentence can carry on indefinitely. Then again, there are also cases such as the one of Issei Sagawa (Don’t read about him if you’re impressionable and/or weak of heart). ~Shaka

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