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About things on hiatus and stuff…


About things on hiatus and stuff…

Some news about things that have been on hiatus.

Firstly Angel’s Doubt – Tenshi no Uso has been discontinued.

There haven’t been any new RAWs for Legend of the Sun Knight or Kill No More for a long time, so for us those series are done and dropped.

For Gunka no Baltzar Gaiden – Yuukoku no Liebknecht, The Kensei’s Calligraphy and Don’t Cry Boreumi we don’t have any RAWs. If You know where we could get them, please let us know.

Series that don’t have a translator – meaning those are very unlikely to get released any time soon:

  • Amatuski
  • Aruosumente
  • Aku no Kyoten
  • Ayashiya
  • Embalming – Another Tale of Frankenstein
  • Gunjou Senki
  • Hitogatana
  • Kamisama Dolls
  • Rainbow
  • Stravaganza – Isai no Hime
  • trash.
  • Usogui
  • Dear, only you don’t know
  • Specialized Fighting High School Academy
  • Welcome to Ghost City!
  • Blood and Steel
  • City of Darkness

Some of those may have few scripts left from previous translators, but those won’t last long.

All the novels where done by Sharogy, but he had to quit EGS. No more work is done on any of the novels.

We are working slowly on all our other series and try to finish off those series that we can.

Please be patient with us, we do what we can.
We hope You will keep supporting us this year as well. o(_ _)o

Best of Wishes,
EGS Admins

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  1. Marcus /

    God I wish that I had taken Japanese instead of Italian in school so I could translate stuff. I really enjoy Stravaganza and Blood and Steel, but the latter hadn’t seen a update in almost a year so didn’t really expect anything, the christmas release was a pleasant suprise.

  2. This might be a rude question (since you don’t have enough translators), but would it be possible, that you take on the translation of some of the earlier volumes of the moonlight sculptor novel? because many volumes were done… well, let’s say that google translator is better at translating(now) than whoever translated them and for some chapters, there are only abbreviated versions, which is simply frustrating.
    I’m pretty sure that it is a novel, that a lot of people would like to be introduced to (since the manhwa started “recently”).

    • Moonlight sculptor novel? How is that got to do with anything? We are not working on it, novel or manga o.0 And I don’t think we ever will since many do/work on it =T

  3. Do what you gotta do. Real should always take precedence over this.

  4. Chrysanthemum Stine /

    Most of the series here are stuff I read…darn. Anyway, thanks for the update!

  5. BTW according to how much pages are in vol 2 of Angel’s Doubt and how much chapters- chapter 11 is the last of it. Meaning we are done with it, since chapter 11 was released a long time ago ^^

  6. Boudhar Hamza /

    Hey there, what about Acma Game? Will you continue the translating? Thank you

    • Yes, we are working on Acma Game. Chapter 2 needs to be TSed >_<

  7. Agustine /

    It’s sad to see Amatsuki on this list but It’s really good to not see Ascendance of a bookworm (Honzuki no Gekokujou) on here.

    • Honzuki’s TLer is Choi! The greatest! TLer! EVER! So that is not what it is missing ;-;
      I am hoping to get some chapters out, but only time will tell~