We are in DIRE need of Japanese Translators for a few of our projects. Acma: Game- The story is just getting better but we need someone to carry it on! Embalming  Another Tale of Frankenstein- [...]

  • Geukji High 68

    Enjoy! been a while Raws: Here Read Online Downloads via IRC only.

  • City of Dead Sorcerer 163

    Enjoy^^ Raws: Here More Discussions: Here Downloads available via IRC only. Read online

  • TAL 238

    Another thrilling chapter..! Raws: Here Read Online

  • Blood and Steel v15 ch78

    Been a long while but it's back! Enjoy~ Read online Download

  • Dreamland v11 c098

    Enjoy~ This was supposed to be released last Sunday but I'm a lazy piece of shit soooo More Downloads: Here Read Online Download

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