• TAL 234

    Have more of TAL~ Sorry for not releasing anything yesterday, was studying for my exams^^ Raws: Here Read Online

  • City of Dead Sorcerer 158

    Another chapter yay! Raws: Here More Discussions: Here Downloads available via IRC only. Read online

  • Aku no Kyouten

    Aku no Kyouten – Lesson of the Evil v9 c31

    Few more chapters to go~ Discussions and more downloads: Here Read Online  Download

  • A Thousand Years Ninetails 119

    Enjoy~ Downloads are available from XDCC Raws: Here Read Online

  • Amatsuki v20 Ch 125

    In his glorious rant in the first pages, Toki uses both “Kon” and “Kosen” to identify his NPC friend. Later he switches back to calling him “Kon”, while calling the real Kon “Shinonome”. Before [...]

  • Wuchang Gui c2

    Big cliffhanger ahoy! Heres to hoping that this becomes a super popular Manhua! ~Neph Read Online Download

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