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TAL 206


TAL 206


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Thanks! (58)

  • Noah

    Thanks for the hard work!

  • WhyteSirene

    Seeing some of them again….so nostalgia…

  • RKBock

    season two gets more interesting with every chapter!

    also: thank you very much for the translations! i rarelly click the “thanks” button and comment even rarer, but i’m always thankful. (though the only thing that i read here is TAL)

  • Irrational

    Surprised be-gak didn’t find a way to undo the insignia already.

    • RKBock

      it’s hard to undo a seal if you are a puppet that can only do things it’s allowed to do. since yi mae became king he got power. and unless the king allowes him to try to undo it, he won’t. as it was said: he controlls every action.

  • ers

    i really like where this is going, thanks a lot!