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Piano No Mori v25 ch 232


Piano No Mori v25 ch 232

Announcement of the Final Result (2)

Cried when I translated this. Cried again when I QC-ed this. One more volume to go.

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  • Chee

    Amazing! Thanks for the update!

  • Felix Oktafmidza

    Gyaaahh!! Finally! I’ve been waiting this update for years! XD

  • nglili

    Thank you so much for this release !!!
    I am crying and smiling at the same time >.< So much emotion in this chapter !

  • ephi

    Thanks for the update… Just wanted to say thanks for the years of hard work :-).

    Reader and finally even a patron Ephi.

  • ncKeo

    I’m speechless…

  • Marian Sama

    Thank you!

  • Bob Smith

    I was certain Wei Pang was going to win, but that chapter was amazing regardless. Thank you!

  • RippleAnt

    It’s wonderful, neat, miraculous to see fairness even in a story. ^__^

    *sob sob sob*

    How much more so in real life… Thanks for the vicarious pleasure.

  • Awe

    I cannot stop rereading this, thank you so much!

    My week has been so stressful and crappy but I’m crying tears of joy for our boy Kai. He definitely deserves the award and I’m truly happy we got to see him win it without any bitter feelings from the other competitors. They also know how astounding his music is, especially since they can hear it and we only have our imaginations ;-;

    The manga hasn’t ended yet, but already we know what the author is trying to convey: music doesn’t judge your background, your parentage or how much advantage you have by having more talent or money, your music can touch others just by how much you love it and how much effort you’re willing to contribute into sharing it with others.