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Apartments for Rent – Chapter 09 – Part I

Chapter 9 Part I

One out of two chances


When Guo Li returned that afternoon, old man Zhang was still busy humping on Miss. Chen’s bed.

Half past Six, Guo Li happily opened door with food in his hand.


“Surprise!” I shouted in excitement.


It was the young Bo Yan laying face down and naked on the bed.

And the air was filled with milky scent of sex.

Guo Li stood like a statue in front of the bed, unmoving.

His expression was cold, the kind that makes one shutter.


“Sit down.” I said.


I knew Guo Li was someone who was warm on the outside but cold on the inside. When it comes to sex or love, at least between him and Ling Hu, he had always been the one on top.

When someone like him was faced with that kind of setback, before he could even get angry, he would already be surrounded by his own cold feeling of shame. I knew very well what it was like.

So, Guo Li really did sit down. He reached for the food and unpacked it.

One bite at the time, he chewed on the meat absentmindedly.

His eyes were filled with blood. Perhaps there had been a spark of light in them once upon a time, but it quickly disappeared.

Bo Yan was still asleep.

Guo Li finished up with his food, closing the box and wrapping it tight with plastic.

He stared at the door, refusing to face the naked Bo Yan.

He knew that brat was not the culprit of his humiliation. He was but a tool, a symbol.


Eighteen to seven.

The door opened.


Ling Hu stood dumbfounded at the door. He first looked at Guo Li who wouldn’t say a word, then at the naked Bo Yan.


It was as though he took a punch to the chest, I could immediately tell how every vessel in his body instantly began to expand.


Guo Li still hadn’t said a word.

Normally he was very talkative, but now he was incredibly fragile. No matter what he might say, it could all end up taking away his self-esteem.

He could only choose silence. The sense of mortification had sealed his mouth shut.


But Ling Hu on the other hand, was cold on the outside but warm on the inside.


“What have you done?!” Ling Hu shouted angrily. He gave his fullest when it comes to love. The bag of drinks suddenly left his hand, and was flung towards the emotionless Guo Li.

Nailed to his chair, Guo Li did not try to move away as the liquid splattered all over him.

“Why him?! What does he have that I do not?!”

Like a madman, Ling Hu swung his fist towards the sleeping Bo Yan, jolting him wild awake.

“Fuck you!” While crying like a girl, Ling Hu pummelled the face of the confused Bo Yan with the strength of ten.




Bo Yan fell onto the bed, and the blood running down his nose painted the white pillow with red.

Guo Li didn’t try to stop him, neither did he question.

He just sat there and enjoyed the show.

“Fuck! Are you crazy?!”

Bo Yan cursed at him, wobbling to his feet, but was dropped again instantly by Ling Hu’s fist.

It was a heavy punch. Bo Yan tried to block it with his hands, but Ling Hu’s fist still managed to find its way between Bo Yan’s hands and landed square on his nose, sending Bo Yan’s hair flying backwards.

Bo Yan fell off the bed and landed on his rear, shouting hurriedly: “Stop! Or I’m going to fight back! There is no need for this!”

Ling Hu’s cheeks were reddened with tears, pointing at Guo Li who sat on the chair holding an empty food box: “What did you promise me?! Answer me if you still have a conscience, what did you promise me?!”


Guo Li’s face showed a hint of disdain.

Even now you are trying to pretend? Guo Li must be thinking about that right now.


“Is this how you want to play it? Really? What have I done, that you have to do this to me?” Ling Hu held less and less control of his voice, shouting louder and louder.

Suddenly, Bo Yan seemed to have understood what was going on. Holding his broken nose and swollen cheeks together, he interrupted: “Hey, can you two homos listen to me? The reason I’m here, there is an explanation, albeit a bit strange…”

“Shut up!” Shouting, Ling Hu picked up the twenty-three pound dumbbell on the floor and flung it towards Bo Yan’s head!


Don’t! I leaped out of my seat.


Bo Yan fell down in a panic and the heavy dumbbell bounced against the wall. Bang!

“Are you crazy you fucking homo? What are you thinking?” Bo Yan responded angrily while consciously keeping his distance from Ling Hu.

“Bitch! Try say the word homo again!” Ling Hu shouted as he raised another dumbbell.

“Anyway, just listen to me. Lately every time I fell asleep, I would become someone else. That person would take off my clothes and walk around in my body. He may even know how to teleport…” Bo Yan shouted constantly while still sitting on the ground. His gaze fixated on the dumbbell in Ling Hu’s hand.

“Shut up!” Ling Hu cried out.

Holding his swollen nose, Bo Yan was getting angry as well: “Who do you think you are? Why don’t you go ask your ass fuck buddy over there if we had sex? Faggots like you are the ones I hate the most…”

Another dumbbell flew past Bo Yan’s head. This one smashed into the wall, spilling powder of lime all over the floor. Even though Bo Yan was angry, he was even more afraid, so much so that he was ready to make run for it.

“Are you done?”

Guo Li suddenly opened his lips, staring Ling Hu like a hawk. Yet, Ling Hu who was usually the meek one in the relationship did not avert from his icy gaze.


“Done? You better give me a straight answer today! Do you remember what you promised me? What do you take me for? You told me you wanted to have a normal family! You wanted to have children! I let you have them all! I let you have everything! And now! Now…” Ling Hu’s crying face in contrast to his muscular body made me laugh profusely in front of the screen. I almost ran out of breath.

“Hold on! Did you guys even listen to me? I don’t really care about what is going on between you two, but I don’t want you to think I was having sex with either of you. Everything is just a big misunderstanding… “Bo Yan rambled on while rubbing his ass.


Suddenly, his face went pale.

It was all sticky.

Can the other me be a bloody faggot?

Bo Yan must to be crying on the inside right now.


“As you wish.” Guo Li sighed.

Picking up his empty food box and briefcase, he walked towards the door.

And with that, he most likely would never come back again.


“Don’t go!” Ling Hu broke down, dropping down to his knees.


Bo Yan who just experienced a heavy blow to his psyche dashed out of the hell hole that made him lose his mind during the confusion, and because of his nakedness, he started to run the moment he reached the hallway.

And I, started to run as well!


I purposely ran into Bo Yan in the hallway.

Pretending to stumble on my feet, the sudden exaggerated movement made Bo Yan lose his wit, and like a first time thief running into the police, he jumped.


“My god! Why… are you naked?” I shouted in surprise, appearing to be appalled.

Bo Yan gave me a hateful look, trying to open the door but I stopped him.

“Wait a second, this is wrong. I don’t really care since we are both men, but walking around naked in the hallway like this. I mean, you are a student, you should think about others as well. We have ladies in the house!” I complained and gave him a warning.

But my eyes were mercilessly scouring through his private parts.

Bo Yan’s face turned red and he was about to lose it.

I raised an eyebrow and questioned: “What is this strange smell? As if…”

“Fuck off! Mind your own business!” Bo Yan lashed out. Pushing me aside, he turned the doorknob only to slam it at my face seconds later.


Bang !


I smiled and went up the stairs again, continuing to enjoy the showdown between Guo Li and Ling Hu.

I didn’t need to toy with Bo Yan, but it was top quality entertainment.


There were several pictures showing onscreen right now.

Old man Zhang just left, leaving Miss. Chen alone in the room watching some TVBS series. She didn’t cry; she didn’t flip out either. Everything seemed, normal.

Mr. Wang rested uneasily on his bed, rolling left and right, while his daughter sat in front of the desk doing homework. I could see her scratching with her eraser.

Ying Ru took a shower, opened a box of crackers and started reading.

Bo Yan spent the entire time in the shower, aiming the showerhead against his butthole while scrubbing his lower regions with soap using his other hand. His facial expression was someone that needed to vent his anger, and thus he soon started thrashing and punching in the shower, leaving trails of red dribbling down the ceramic wall.

Meanwhile, Guo Li and Ling Hu continued their meaningless stare down.


You may think that such misunderstanding is not really a misunderstanding at all.

It is merely anger. Given time, once the initial emotions passed, both of them would eventually calm down.


Humiliation is something very peculiar. It is not just an emotion that quickly goes away. It has roots deep in the human psyche, the kind that could corrupt even the human nature.

Once the rot eats away your self-esteem, one becomes completely blind to the obvious.


Guo Li sat alone on the chair, head down and eyes closed.

While Ling Hu stood next to the bed, staring at the messy bed sheets, stunned.


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