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Apartments for Rent – Chapter 08 – Part II

Chapter 8 Part II

Evolution of Civil Ethics.


Miss. Chen’s high heels sounded again: tak tak tak.

Opening the door and just like any other Thursdays, Miss. Chen wearily took off her shoes, her clothes, and even her underwear. After leaving them hanging on top of the shoebox she went into the bathroom, naked.


I immediately understood what was going on inside the closet. It was that pair of eyes.

It was confidence mixed with some kind of nefarious state of mind.

It penetrated the thin layer of wood; it pierced through the icy cold screen.


“Since you have already made up your mind, what are you still waiting for?”

Suddenly, warm tears watered my eyes, and the tears had a hint of guilt.


The closet slowly opened, exposing a small crack between the doors.


“You are not the coward I thought you were. You didn’t need the drugs as catalyst. You are a man; the manliest of man!” I stared at the opening gap of the closet in excitement. I could feel the burning sensation of his fiery gaze, searching.


He was at the point of no return.

Old man Zhang didn’t intend to turn back either.


Soon, water started pouring down inside the shower, and the steam slowly crept through the gap underneath the bathroom doors.

The closet doors opened.

Stark naked, old man Zhang crawled onto his feet. For reason I couldn’t yet comprehend, he left his clothing and everything else inside the empty closet.

He first came to this world completely naked, and now he was about to embark on a new life journey the exact same way.

He had yet to reach the end.


Tears came rolling down my cheeks.

Uncontrollably, I began singing John Lennon’s “Yellow Submarine”.

My English was terrible; I never quite understood what the song meant. I only knew how to sing along thanks to the simple melody and the catchy lyrics. I let the vague meanings of the song, together with my indescribable feeling carry the words over my tongue, which ended up being automatically translated into some kind of bizarre dance.


The kind old man Zhang was making right now.


I don’t think I have to go into too much detail of what happened next.

Surely, we have all seen it happen many times before?

What? I have to explain it anyway? I hope you are not here for the free erotic stories!


Old man Zhang went into the bathroom and hugged Miss. Chen from behind. Covering her eyes with shampoo bubbles, he entered her in the shower. The able body of a P.E teacher made his thrusts look violent and exaggerated.

From beginning till the end, old man Zhang did not utter a word except groaning heavily next to Miss. Chen’s ears.

A beast did not speak.

It was something I had known ever since I was young.


But what surprised me was, Miss. Chen whose eyes were blinded by the bubbles.

She was only slightly panicky at the start, but in the ten minutes that followed, she held on to the washbasin in front of the mirror with both of her hands while snaking her waist in a way mirroring old man Zhang’s thrust.


I suspected her to be a natural slut.

Given her attentiveness and sexual sensitivity, there was no way she didn’t know it was someone else behind her, and not one of the two men whom she had hundreds times of sex with.


Yet, she cooperated fully, and instinctively.

She was a born harlot.


“Is it Mr. Zhang?”


Miss. Chen stopped shaking her hips and asked with a smile.

Old man Zhang’s violent thrust suddenly halted half way.

Just one sentence and it made him devolve from the beast back to a man.

Unsure of what to do, he slowly retracted from Miss. Chen’s body.


“Since you already did.”


Miss. Chen didn’t even bother to wipe away the white bubbles covering her eyes.

She lifted her rounded ass cheeks high up towards him.


Old man Zhang’ adam’s apple moved up and down.

His hesitation hummed through his throat before he could finish swallowing.

But he continued.


That is why I said, human is an exceptional species.

Sometimes we walk with two feet, and sometimes we do things with the mind of a beast.

Even after the deed, we can still retain the mind of a beast, only to rationalize our behaviour like we were walking with two feet.

Evolution does make sense that way.

Just like with operating systems, new software are always backwards compactable; what worked before has to work now.

Just like our minds, you can switch back anytime.

All we need to do is to change the hormone in our brain.


Old man Zhang lifted Miss. Chen up, all the way to her bed.

I swear I couldn’t hear a word they said to each other while they were in bed.

A couple, even if it was a pretentious one, the embarrassing things they tell each other under the bed sheet were always spoken in whispers.

Another wild humping later.


I sat cross-legged, watching emotionlessly as everything took place.

These two had gone through natural selection and survival of the fittest; they had evolved to the next stage.

Bed had to be the best place to exchange our genetic information, but at the same time, it was also the best place to exchange the aspect of our soul.

I let the images freely guide my left hand moving up and down holding my cock. It didn’t take long before I had to empty my sack inside the pudding box I finished eating and washed clean earlier.

Putting down the pudding box, my legs felt weak.


“Keep going, give it your best.”

Even though I couldn’t hear a word they said, it no longer mattered.

Watching the screen, I began to predict what would happen next, slowly. I wrote down my predictions.


Basically, the closer to the dark and madness they got, the easier they were to predict.

During the middle ages, when the black death was sweeping through all the major cities of Europe or during the pandemic of leprosy, the things the mass hysterical population often talked about were the impending doom of their world, even though the true culprit was rapidly spreading through their complex sewer systems.

Madmen’s prediction often came true. Their confused eyes could see the future a normal person couldn’t.

And so, people were afraid to put an end to the mysterious and terrifying prophet by setting them alight.

Instead, they let the prophets who lived on the edge of madness and death set sail, exiling them to the boundless ocean.


“Ship of fools”, that was its name.

Ying Ru told me of the story once.


I think, I’m beginning to understand what she was trying to tell me.

It is the sudden turn of event after you have reached the end.

The ship of fools sailed away from the hopeless harbour, towards the endless sea.

A bleak future, yet free. Forever at sea, never to return to the falsehood of the civilization.


I considered a bit after seeing what I saw onscreen.

I believed that my prediction had come to fruition inside my mouth, seeking desperately to roll off my tongue.

I stood up. It was time to harvest the seeds I had sown for Bo Yan.

Picking up the pudding box, I went downstairs. On my way I took a glance at the mysterious wooden door leading to Ying Ru’s room.

Behind that door, she was sitting on the bed, reading.

She hadn’t requested any new plastic bags in the past few days, neither did she go out hunting with her huge suitcase.

She had been quiet. In other words, it was my time to shine.


I carefully entered Bo Yan’s room; he was already sound asleep.

I gave him a lower dosage this time, but it didn’t matter because Bo Yan was an expert in getting drugged.

He snored rhythmically; his skin felt warm at my touch. He was deep asleep.

After I stripped him naked, I noticed a note holding tightly in his hand: “Do you have a name? Why are you here? Please tell me.”


What an idiot.


I looked at my watch; It was going to take at least an hour before Guo Li comes back from giving lectures at the University, and another thirty or so minutes after that before Lin Hu gets back from work at the convenient store.

No accidents were allowed today.

I carried Bo Yan on my back and went downstairs. Strangely, I was not nervous in the slightest.

Turning the handle of the door leading to Guo Li and Lin Hu’s room, I dropped Bo Yan’s naked body on their bed. Next, I flipped over the sheets left and right, making it look like the aftermath of a couple who just had some wild sex.

Finally I poured out the sperm inside the pudding box randomly around Bo Yan’s backend as he lay face down on the messy sheets. Closing the door behind me, I went downstairs to the fridge and treated myself to a bottle of coke before returning to my room and readying myself for the exciting part coming next.


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