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Noblesse 283


Noblesse 283

Guess who is going to reconstruct the school!

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  • ken878

    HAHAHAHA! Rai still doesn’t know how to eat a banana. He still crack me up and what M-21 and Takeo got pump up over man…….:) Thanks for this one. can’t wait for the next one.

    • Duuuuuuude

      Rai gazes so deeply at that banana you’d think he was channeling Andy Warhol.

      And don’t mind Rael. He’s just being uppity because his mind was blown by the miracle that is stir-fry.

  • Froggin

    This was the best chapter! :D Love the nail file info!

  • dalilt

    Seira’s a capable cook. ahah if he says there is no problem then there is no problem :D

  • Lxodsh

    Rai and the mysterious banana. Nail file.. hahahha
    Thanks for the chapter!!

  • AAA

    Tao sure knows how to manipulate people :p

    • kaybee

      But Franky is still the master when it comes to manipulation.

  • me

    thanks egs for the best quality tranlation
    toy gun ?

  • Chickybe

    Lmao what a funny chapter!! It’s too bad I wanted to see Karias :( oh well maybe next week. Good to see Rael n Rajak there :)

  • IMHO

    Be good kids and you get treats. =P

  • Pete

    Banana again!

  • Kenji

    Roctis’s daughter’s intro was lacking. We expect a noble’s intro show them in their coolest pose. Ignes just looks plain and doesn’t even seem very likable or cool.

    • Evilnemesis

      You know what they say, the more normal they seem the more kinky they are in reality, don’t let her fool you like this.
      I have no doubt she isn’t as dull as you would think.

    • Umanji July


  • kayue

    Hunky men in overalls, yum!
    And Tao FTW.

    Thanks EGS.

  • muchi

    I remember the banana….LOL ..What’s up Franky?… Haven’t you taught your master how to eat a banana yet? Thanks EGS :)

  • Kelly

    Associating with Frankie and Rai seems to have the effect of expanding one’s talents. (Food prep, cleaning and construction.) I wonder what Rael and Rajak will wind up learning!

  • Sogno



    Thanks EGS!!

    • ran


  • ran

    Ahhh~ this is the side of Noblesse that I have missed, a break from the action, and a display of its refreshing humor that we all first loved :D and with the kids again too!

  • Renato Kun

    what’s with the nail file and toy gun ? >.<

  • Weenaru

    So, banana… We meet again.

  • Rai

    9th elder should retired already..

  • Rai

    9th elder getting cocky..he sholud be the next one to face Rai’es wrath..

  • The_Tenth_Ancient

    A nail file!!! I can see M-21 is gonna get every girls dream, a diamond nail file to perfectly trim those claws

    Thanks EG sometimes you just need chapter like this

  • lizard8

    how to eat banana lol

  • Mizura

    Thank you! Hahah, that was a great chapter! I missed the humor. :D

  • Frey

    thanks so much for the chapter!! :)

  • rhywryw

    i wonder if the banana has an effect on rai’s health if he eats it

  • eqteqt

    is it only me who think that that ignes is higher than that 9th elder?

  • Ane

    Another great chapter. Thanks EG :D

  • Kenji

    Of course I noticed it seemed like she was faking her whole attitude. But remember when Regis and Seira first showed up? Real refined and cool, and dressed the part too. While Ignes just looks like that model girl who hangs around with Shinwoo and co. She could have had the Ichimaru feel without appearing so plain. That’s what I’m saying. I’m sure she has other faces, and can kick some ass too, not to mention the “experiment(s)”.

    • maya

      Perhaps she’s partially human. It’s been awhile since Roctis betrayal, he could have gotten a child with a human woman. It’s a stretch but it would explain why she looks a bit plain.

      • Sage

        I think she’s partly human, which would explain the need for the experiments.

  • mikki

    Rai doesn’t know how to eat a banana?? XDD lol and they’re all so fired up over a nail file and a gun… <3 this manhwa

  • amitheonlyone

    This was the WORST episode ever… I can tell that the man who drew this was so bored that he could barely lift his pen.