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Noblesse 239


Noblesse 239

It's baaaaaaack~!

This brilliant chapter gives us some new insights into Frankenstein's origins. Enjoy~

Also, this chapter features the winning piece of artwork from our 14th EGS Art Contest. Be sure to check it out.

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    first! and damn we waited long…… I really thought it would be long though but its cool :3

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    OOOOHHH SNAP. Frankenstein and his bad ass days. Some nice battles scenes soon.

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    I love it!!!!
    finally the episode I most wanted to see!!!!

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    AWESOME they are going to tell the story of the past i want wait to learn what really happened

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    I always find it strange that this is over 800 years ago (before Rai's nap), and they're wearing Edwardian clothing. :O

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      • kayue

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    Really only 20 pages after a month i was expecting at least 40.

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    • sk8late

      it would be more than 820 years ago that when rai fell asleep and franky would not have been looking for him for so long if he had only known him for a short time i recon this is at least 1000 years maybe even more

      • SpicyWolf

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